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  1. 6 hours ago, Andgon144 said:

    There are really no bad song on MX

    i do think it’s another masterpiece from M.

    the only thing mx lacks is a powerful balled a la power of goodbye. “Looking or mercy” just doesn’t do it for me, it’s pleasant but doesn’t stand out to me like ghost town or pog. 

    That’s Crave for me.

  2. On 7/24/2019 at 12:14 PM, miki said:

    That 'old man' could refer to women as well. Anyone who fails to empathize, and is very ego driven, and uses religion to justify his or her ignorance ( most women here are exactly like that and so are most men and most young people too- here where I'm from). So I would say it's not gender or age specific. it's basically any bigot in power- not just political power.  Unfortunately  BATUKA is too real and painful for me to enjoy at times. When she sings 'GET THAT OLD MAN' I have real persons and institutions  in my mind who have deprived me of a voice, of a personality, of a personhood( if there is such a word ). The song entices me to speak up and break free and yet  I know I can't and so I end up feeling helpless. Having said that I am proud that she made it, and at times when I'm in a good mood I imagine myself in favorable situations and am able to feel empathy for the unfortunate ones- though clearly I'm one of them. In case you are wondering I am speaking of being  __ __ y. Here it is believed that it is the result of western culture and influence and the work of the illuminati.  I know it is silly, yet this perception is prevalent and strong . Not only are you sinful and abhorrent but i'm guessing illegal as well- I haven't checked recently- but even if it's legal , i can assure you it won't be of any help. there are far more powerful elements here than the law or gov't  to the individual.   

    Madonna holds a special place in my heart because I feel she didn't need to associate herself with my community. it certainly didn't enhance her popularity back in the day. And this song is not for everyone. but it definitely is heartfelt and helpful to me at least in the sense that it makes me realize I am not alone and am understood. and not just by anybody, but by Madonna. THANK YOU MADONNA.


    I am so sorry to read that you are in this situation. I hope the song (as so many of M’s songs) can be cathartic at least, sometimes. But having not lived through something like what you are living through, I know that is easier said than done. I just wanted to write back to say that you are seen and heard here. 

  3. Live acoustic sets for radio and YouTube 

    pop up stores outside New York city

    licensing a single song to a movie or show 

    a feature on someone else’s song that actually gets pushed as a single 

    a longer doc on Netflix or prime

    an articulate editorial on ageism, misogyny, whatever topic she pleases 

    a summer festival performance

    releasing remixes and video single edits so they can actually be played at bars, satellite radio, whatevs 

    some creative project for fans to participate/create/play along

    Art exhibits around the world on whatever aspect of her artistry she chooses 

    Curating playlists, live dj sets, hosting small concerts for Portuguese or Latin around NYC, or preferably any other city outside the US.


    (Not every aspect of promo needs to have her and the album front and center. She could just engage with the artistic communities she cares about and with her fans.)


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