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  1. She was doing her love speech and talking about looking for someone to marry. Started joking with the first candidate because he had a boyfriend and she said that if that's how it was going to be, she would get her own boyfriend too.

    Some guy who I think had a marry me sign caught her attention and she asked if he had a ring. Looks like he was with his fiance, removed her ring and offered it to Madonna.

    He should've known that was a bad idea.

    Madonna asked if it had a diamond. He said it was gold and she said that would have to do. And asked him to hand it over. Which he did. Then she noticed it belonged to another woman,joked about Spaniards having another guy or another woman and threw back the ring instead of handing it back. But it actually fell way back!

    You could see people were trying to find it on the floor but looks like whoever did didn't give it back. I guess the guy was throwing a tantrum long afterwards because Madonna made a remark after she was already on to perform the next song about it not even being real gold.

    Demonna of the (Lost) Rings.

    :lmao: MESS

  2. Well it can be good and praised and still not the signature song..

    If it is her THE signature song, then why didn't she sing it on four back-to-back tours?

    TGS, DWT, RIT and Confessions.

    and even now, she doesn't sing it on every show..

    I'd say she has many signature songs..LAP is just one of them. I think LAV, MG, ITG, LIB and VOGUE are more famous and known signature songs of hers.

    To each their own. I don't think she has any songs that are more famous than LAP.

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