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  1. In all the shows I attended I noticed how before WBSS the part of the audience that is on the side of the scenario, far in the back, started roaring and clapping.. (it was odd that only that specific section did that) I figured they saw her either entering the cage or something...i'd love to see pics of that

    So she does get in that cage before Wanna be startin something and waits in there forever while she hears the excited crowd roaring. I'd be terrified.

  2. OMG that cage freaks me out doesn't she get scared? and those stairs in heartbreak city, and the grammy's where's lifted up on the harness in a back bend. in

    That freaked me the fuck out, I was holding my breath watching that. And let's not forget during holiday when she's being lifted in the air.

  3. So I was reading about this and according to people who had nose bleed seats, Madonna enters the cage which is then lifted to the ceiling inside a black curtain, and apparently when's shes up WANNA BE STARTIN SOMETHIN' starts?? or the intro video, not sure. Anyhow, that quite a long time of sitting in that thing, waiting to descend. Gives me anxiety just thinking about it, I would freak out. The things she does to put on a great show...She's amazing.

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