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  1. So here's a fun story. I just returned to N.Y.today. I left Amsterdam. Made it to Dublin. I get to U.S. customs and oh great there's a half smoked spliff in a side pocket on the outside of my purse. It was supposed to be garbage. I forgot to throw it out. Ok..So now we're all pulled aside and our bags get sent up and they proceed to go through all our shit. Lord, I thought I was going to shit myself right then and there. All these men are asking us why we came to Amsterdam. We said Madonna and then they go through all our vip books looking through then and then asking what do you think of lady gaga? Is she a copycat? I said yes. That's it. Then he goes on how he saw her but left her show early cause she was being gross and vulgar. Then he says she's been a mess and is pretty much a nothing who's doing duets with that bennet guy. He even mentioned the hip surgery..which normally I would have said something but I was too busy thinking I was going to be locked up abroad

    I'm freaking out. It's the most surreal fucking thing ever. I'm being held cause of thc and they are going through my book trashing gaga. I then got taken to a room for a body search (no anal or anything like that) by 2 females. By then I was crying fool and they made me get my picture taken.

    Then we sat and waited forever and they let us go but I had to pay a $500 fine!!!

    ,, I'm so happy to be in my bed! goddamn that trip was insane!!!!! Loved it there so much

    :lmao: :lmao: this can't be real!!

  2. "She was about to lick my finger during Burning Up but I pulled it away because hello gross... she she ended up licking one of the dudes' finger next to me."

    Lol seriously? are these tribe ppl for real?

    Anyways people are saying she definitely wasn't in a good mood last night and that it showed cuz she was a bitch, they booed during the comment about the trains and felt like they were being punished for something a journalist said.

  3. During burning up she was having some great interaction with an audience member during the guitar riff, so much so that she was really late back to the middle stage and completely missed the first line (or maybe even the first 2 lines) and we just heard the backing track
    I need to see this interaction with the fan!!
  4. Let me just say that you haven’t lived until you have Madonna standing over you in a quick change yelling “what the **** Tony!!!” I can still feel the pee trickle down my leg.

    :lmao: :lmao:

    they are on the table, she enters the Q.C. and four people converge on her all at the same time fighting for space, someone yells ( I won’t say who) “get my ******* shoe on!!!”

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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