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  1. As Nemo has just highlighted (literally!), the judge ordered Guy to return Rocco to the US (after his lawyers admitted that Guy had prevented Rocco from returning to the US). This implies that Guy is keeping Rocco in London based on Rocco's expressed desire to stay there (it does not mean that Rocco refused to return to London). The judge obviously feels that Guy has acted inappropriately (and in violation of the existing custodial agreement) - otherwise, she wouldn't have ordered Guy to return Rocco to the US.

    Note the use of the word "prevented" - this is a key point.

    Which school does Rocco attend in New York? We heard a lot about Lola's school, but we haven't really heard anything about Rocco's.

    I think Rocco is home-schooled.

    One one hand they said Rocco clearly expressed he doesn't wanna return to NYC, and on the other hand they say that Guy prevented him from going back to NYC? so what is the truth here?

  2. real sorry to read all this. she must be devastated. not long ago there were these pics of her and rocco spending time together on their bikes. what happened? we don't know anything. but like someelse said, guy and madonna must really have a bad relationship if they cannot talk about this privately and this has to come to court......hope everything works out just fine. for everyone..

    The asshole went after her fortune, she probably can't stand his guts. She'll never have with him the relationship she has with Sean, Carlos, and you know, men who didn't fuck her over.

  3. EXCLUSIVE: Madonna feuds with ex Guy Ritchie over custody of son, teen wants to stay with director dad in London
    Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 10:24 AM

    One of Madonna’s sons does not want to return from London and would rather live with his father, the pop star revealed Wednesday.

    The “Vogue” singer asked Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Deborah Kaplan to force film director Guy Ritchie to send their teenage son back to New York.

    “He has expressed very clearly that he does not want to return to New York,” a lawyer for Ritchie said regarding the son.

    At that Madonna, agitated and wearing a black wool fur cape, tried to interject but was calmed by her lawyer, Eleanor Alter.

    “Has he prevented the child from returning to the U.S.?” Kaplan asked.

    86574877.jpgMark Sagliocco/FilmMagic Guy Ritchie has two children with the pop diva.

    “Effectively yes,” Ritchie’s lawyer replied.

    Madonna is asking a judge to order her son return to New York from London.

    Kaplan ordered Ritchie to bring the teen to New York, and said the child will be represented by a court appointed attorney.

    Madonna divorced Ritchie in 2008.


  4. I thought this was gonna be an emotional show but it started as one of those days when everything goes wrong...

    Even MaryMac had problems with mic and sound, then they kept walking around the stage and you already know the show started late and the Medley was cut.

    She had problems with her mic in Burning up and the background track started before her, so the lypsynch was embarassing, they tried to adjust it before Holy water but didn't succeed and she didn't do the catwalk with the nuns. She even said "I can't hear myself" in Burning up.

    In True blue she was kinda distracted: "I can't drink a ukulele and play a bottle of water"; :lmao: she also changed a line but I didn't understand the new lyrics. In Living for love she would never come out and when she got to the stage she really had to hurry to untie the knot...I was trembling!

    Then the show started to be wonderful. Ghosttown was performed because it was voted best song of 2015.

    Rebel heart was fantastic and definitely live.

    Then she had to hurry, she threw the bouquet almost instantly and joked with the couple who got it, but you already know that. LVER was strange because the show was more about humour than emotion... before the song she said to one of the boys "I'll fuck you later", which imo took away the poetry of the moment.

    Th UB was wearing a kilt, he didn't seem to know the proper moves on the catwalk. At a certain point he showed he had no underwear but M didn't realize the crowd saw his naked butt, then she said "I looked under his gown and I can say he's been blessed by God".

    Abd then of course Holiday. Oh God... When the arena lights were turned on I was sooo let down but had no hope. It was clear she was too late. Yet Monte was still there, Kiley and Nicky left the stage but came back, the projection even started. The she came on stage with no sound and no light (maybe when the programme is off you can't restart it)... and the rest is history. One of a kind. We all sang together loud, I even managed to go front row! Please don't tell Madonna to stop!!

    Never a dull moment in a Madonna show! i can't imagine the stress she must be under every night. She's everything.

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