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  1. Christ, we have got SO little info we're on the fucking Golden Girls again... Come on M..throw us another bone! Outfit sketches...a boot...something!
  2. You're leading the prayer! I hope you find what you're looking for Is it mine, walk through that door We're wasting time, make up your mind And get into the groove
  3. Causin' A Commotion in a Flapper dress Rescue Me as a Samurai Nothing Really Matters as Frida I can dream.....
  4. Sorry Karby, but it just sounds like a weaker rehash of "Music Sounds Better With You" to me But then Push is one of my faves from the album..so what do I know
  5. I think Get Together is the weakest song from Confessions...there, I said it
  6. Duh! That's the point..a bit of fun and humour as we anticipate Opening Night. Any confirmation of Human Nature as the closing number yet?
  7. La Isla Bonita Gypsy Style it is then...and BIG drums for Hold Tight Still no confirmation of Candy Shop
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