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  1. 4 minutes ago, nicholasyund said:

    Is this the beats that Madonna posted as the “Static” sample on her IG stories back in October. Sounds almost Bollywood meets Jay-Z Big Pimpin’ beats? I’m asking because I haven’t heard Extreme Occident yet. 

    No, that's Come Alive I think.  Extreme Occident is from the initial album teaser video..but it goes off all tribal then she sings in Portugese(?)

    Looking For Mercy really is a surprise...those icy synths...wow!

  2. Just now, Bette Davis Dub said:

    God bless Madonna.  :confessions:


    Just now, Confessit said:

    It's not how you start that matters, it's how you finish. 

    May-03-2019 00-39-07.gif


    Other reviews say of GC:

    God Control, the album's other slice of perfect vintage Madonna disco.

    God Control” swings from shimmery roller disco to full agit-opera,


    So yeh, I think it'll be all over the place..🤪 but that clip is definitely a DISCO BANGER

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