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  1. Qué pendejo estás

    But it is true for Most of the world Latino America is mainly Mexico, I don't know why they get so upset about that. The amount of bs on IG, Twitter, Fb and other forums just because Madonna is not visiting their unimportant and irrelevant countries this time around. I mean get over it already!

  2. That's a single-critic list, but still nice.

    The album hasn't made all that many year-end lists, so I'm not expecting a great showing in the Village Voice's annual Pazz N Jop poll. For perspective, COADF, which fared better on year-end staff lists than RH, ended up at around No. 61 on the PNJ Poll (with 26 top 10-list appearances from participating voters).

    All of your comments are always so full of shit. You are so passive aggressive. Go suck a dick!

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