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  1. 2 hours ago, Braby said:

    As someone who works for the Beeb, I know for a fact that the pointless Alexandre Palace thing was supposed to be a primetime BBC One special. Would have been under the "At the BBC" strand similar to what Adele did a few years back and Arianna Grande last year. Look up on YouTube.

    She would have performed five or six songs, did a sketch and Graham would have interviewed her in between. Venue was booked, Graham was booked, air date was circulating here in house. Would have given her a huge boost in the UK on release week. 

    Then it was cancelled 

    My speculation, and what others think... Eurovision went down so so badly, either the BBC didn't want to take the risk (unlikely she's still a huge ratings draw and gave Eurovision a major boost and added around 500,000 viewers to Graham last week). Or, and this is ridiculous, but her team (is there even a team?) cancelled because of damage limitation. Funny enough, she hasn't picked up a mic to sing since, so she's obviously aware of the whole thing. 

    She honoured her commitment somewhat by turning upto the Ally Pally thing, and so did Graham. Neither would have been paid from the BBC so did it for free. All good but utterly pointless in terms of promo. Wasn't even filmed. 

    They shoehorned her on Graham's chat show at the 11th hour because there was nothing else. I imagine she could have got the full hour again, and not suffer the indignity of sitting next to someone who used to be in Eastenders, Again, she (or someone) was reluctant to appear after Eurovision, which is why they didn't even promote her appearance and no time to plan a video montage of her career before she appeared. Hence, the strange cold opening. Whole thing was so poorly planned. 

    Yes so how do you solve the problem of Madonna UK promo? 

    My opinion only: I wouldn't have bothered with any perfomances this time around. She's just not connecting here, despite her new PR team doing a decent job. (Notice all the puff pieces in the Sun and, shockingly, the Mail this campaign. Money talks.) 

    Would have concentrated on a huge TV ad campaign instead. A few posters on the Tube didn't cut it. I'm inclined to belive she doesn't have a personal promo team any more. Not a single person. Shocking. 


    That's such a shame but makes perfect sense. It really baffled me why Graham Norton was there on something which wasn't going to be filmed.

    I don't really know which reason seems more likely- I think it's perfectly possible she and her team were worried about more bad press if they both feel her voice isn't up to scratch right now.

    She came across really very well on the night at the Ally Pally and I'm sure sales would have gone up a lot because of it. 

  2. On 6/16/2019 at 2:58 PM, TXIII said:

    I bent my knees for you like a prayer
    My God, look at me now
    Peel off my weakness layer after layer
    Nothing left for me to keep 'round



    'for once I didn't have to hide.......... myself'

    I also like 'I'm in the sky where I ought to be yeah... I been watching you'.

  3. Given that much of their focus and measures of success is on tour receipts over the past few albums, and now that seems to be being effected (although we will have to wait and see how the tour does- I still expect it to be very lucrative- even if they lower the astronomical prices by a decent amount), maybe we'll see more put into radio connections and more of a media charm offensive from her. 

    I can't pretend to know how that all works, though; maybe there's nothing at all she can do about radio... If she can't bring in the huge crowds anymore, I suspect that'll worry team Madge a lot more than if she can get radio 1 to play Medellin, but it seems the two are becoming more and more connected, in combination with a murdering of her reputation thanks to Eurovision and the ensuing press from it. 

    Hope it hits no.2 and sees off Capaldi at least. :vogue:



  4. Radio don't touch her anymore (bar radio 2 with Medellin I guess), Eurovision did a number on her reputation so much that it's the first thing that people think of when they think of her, and her appearance on Graham Norton apparently didn't endear people to her (I haven't watched it). 

    Not really a surprise to me that it's losing momentum quickly. 

    'Crave' in particular should have been massive on radio if ageism weren't playing a role.

  5. Sadly, I just think I Rise and Future will be met with muted reception from the audience, many of whom -- even people who aren't too keen on her-- will be excited to see her as she's a living legend. 

    I Rise is one of the only two songs on the record I'm not keen on and Future did not go down well at Eurovision (though I think it would have been a lot better if people had enjoyed Like a Prayer before it), so to have those songs represent the album and the Madame X tour is quite worrying to me.

  6. I just finished it. Christ, whoever wrote it really just doesn't like her does he? The somewhat oddly gleeful "oh she doesn't make hits anymore" beginning would never be written about her if she were a man. Is there anyone else 37 years in who has reviews of their current work opening like this?

    'many of Madame X’s songs trip all over themselves to change course and offer something new every few seconds for the attention-span deficient'. Talk about trying to colour complex song structure as a negative. I would argue that it requires a greater attention span in order to appreciate songs that change course as much as Madame X songs do. It's a strength that the album has. 

    And the section about her appropriation, I mean, what exactly could she do that these people would be happy with? The notion that you should just stay inside your box and never be influenced by anything outside of what is considered your appropriate cultural creed is just... So limiting. 

    I appreciate that some of the lyrics come across ham-fisted but they truly are coloured in the worst light possible in this review.

  7. Obviously will be her most controversial video since American Life (original). Quite excited, not sure what to think yet. It does look explicit, the camera lingering on a bloody Madonna. The point is how guns so senselessly ruin joy I suppose... Her explanation is ironic in how she talks about deciding to go to a disco as an "escape" from the downfall of humanity, only to end up witnessing it firsthand.

    I'm cautiously excited. 

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