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  1. Crazy For You would be the reason why Like a Virgin didn't get as many singles as it should have so it definitely effected the success of other Warner singles from Madonna. But at that time she was so popular I doubt anyone at Warner were losing sleep over it.

    Was there ever any talk or plans to release any of the other songs off LAV?

  2. Got this from the timeline:

    May 1984 she tells MTV's Mark Goodman:

    "She also says shes been working on a soundtrack and film called Vision Quest. She says shes singing 3 songs on the soundtrack (so far) and that she has a minor part as a club singer in the film. The movie is directed by Harold Becker and produced by the people who did Flashdance. She says it will be out hopefully in August. She says she is singing what will be hopefully the theme song and two other songs."

    That was before the LAV singles but it kinda sounds like the plan was always to release a single for Vision Quest

    The movie ended up coming out in february 1985 according to the timeline

    I remember reading Madonna didn't really like the song...

    In the end, it became her second #1 hit and her first Grammy nod, and also took the top spot from we are the world wich was huge

  3. I consider ITG and LS to be more than just "snippets" - she sings a full verse and chorus of each, which is the same as she did for PDP in the MDNAT. She actually sings only around 5-10 seconds more of PDP than ITG (a minute of vocals in PDP, excluding the introductory music, versus around 53 seconds of ITG) and about 34 seconds of LS.

    The crowd roars each time she starts a new oldie, so it's basically a case of three classic tracks mashed up, with the bulk of the time spent on DYU. To me, a snippet is a sample, like MG in GGW. When a track gets almost the same amount of "airtime" live as a separate performance on a previous tour (e,g. ITG and PDP), then it counts as a song being performed, regardless of the context. Just my opinion, though.

    I agree, it's 6:20 min long or so, it involves a lot of dancing and singing, looks as one of the most demanding numbers of the show, at first i didn't totally get it, but once i saw a video shot right infront of her at the tip of the heart i saw how much fun she's having and how she gives it all, plus i'm not sure what but the medley sounds much better now than the first few shows(besides cutting Everybody),now i love it, definitely a highlight!

    As for her cutting it sometime, doing back to back shows must be exhausting, and i kinda feel that after her MDNA experience, she's taking better care of herself this time, it's a long tour, i can't imagine how hard it must be doing a show like this two nights in a row, she's an athlete, it really is admirable, such an inspiration...

    There are many 50 year old women who look amazing, and work out a lot but it's kinda all about looking good in most cases, in Madonna's case not only she looks great but she also lives a healthy life, like a professional athlete, anyone who's ever tried to sing and dance at the same time knows just how hard it really is...anyway,im rambling

  4. And also ROL and Music were super successful so commercial-wise AL was a big drop from that level... Framing effect. I feel like they were not criticizing AL or RI Tour, but its commercial-wise big drop from ROL and Music.

    I remember tabloid "articles" from the UK claiming that the RIT shows were not selling well...

    From The Guardian:

    "Just now, she's not looking so shiny or new. There are reports that tickets for her tour are moving slowly"


    Independent august 15th 2004:

    "Madonna's lucky star fades as tour sales slump"

  5. In L.A she was late, in SJ she was late ... .who cares?????? Bitch She's Madonna!

    First MDNA show in BsAs, it was 11.40pm and still no show, a girl inside the golden triangle complained to one of the local security guys "who does she think she is?¡" the security guy simply said "Madonna!" And we all started laughing histerically, well except the girl lol

  6. It's probably a good time to remind people about the concept of technical sell outs. Basically, before a single ticket goes on sale, the promoters (in conjunction with artist management) need to set in stone a figure that will be used for accounting purposes as the "sold out" figure. The figure is determined based on a huge range of factors (mostly financial, in that obviously, they need to sell a certain number of tickets to cover ALL costs, including Madonna's guaranteed minimum performance fee etc.). It also takes into account factors such as anticipated demand, past performance in that particular market etc. Anything sold above that is reported in the total grosses.

    An example - MSG holds around 15 800 people in a regular end stage configuration (without catwalks etc.). For DWT, that was the sell out figure. For RIT, the sell out figure was around 1000 lower per show. For Confessions, it was around 15 300, for S&S it was around the same and for MDNA, it was around 12 400. This might have been because the triangle wiped out a heap of seats (highly likely), but the sell out figure might also have been reduced due to the fact that she had already performed two sold out stadium tours in New York prior to the arena shows (i.e. demand wouldn't have been as high).

    If Live Nation/Guy Oseary feel that Madonna could sell 20 000 tickets in Florence, then as long as all of the figures add up, they can record 20 000 as their "sold out" figure. If she doesn't manage to sell 20 000 tickets, then the show will officially be listed as a non sell out. If she matches or exceeds 20 000 tickets sold, then it's officially a sell out (even if she managed to sell 35 000 tickets in the same venue on a previous tour and that concert was listed as sold out - all that means is that back then, Live Nation and Guy felt that they could sell 35 000 tickets, and they were right, but this time around, they don't think they can move as many tickets for whatever reason). Rome's Olympic Stadium, for example, has vastly different attendance figures for Confessions, S & S and MDNA, and all three performances were officially sold out (and the venues looked packed every time).

    Every tour, people complain very loudly about the "ridiculously low" sold out figures and claim that they're false, misleading etc. etc., since she "sold more tickets at the same venue last time and that was listed as sold out!" While there are certainly situations where it's impossible to buy a ticket on the night of the show, for most shows (even ones listed as "sold out"), you can still grab a ticket on the night (people were buying tickets for the MSG Confessions shows on the night and they'd been listed as "sold out" for weeks beforehand). Ultimately, the industry practice is to stick with the pre-determined sell out figures and all subsequent reports are based on those figures. It's a very safe bet that all six shows so far will be reported as sell outs.

    Let the fun begin! :)


  7. Martha Sanchez said that about Madonna? Wow. What is up with these hussies coming for Madonna. She was probably mad to have been seen as just another Madonna wannabe. I don't know this woman but what similarities does she have with Madonna? I'm probably getting overworked here but it's just like, damn, people really do the most when it comes to hating Madonna and yet like this bitch, they attend her concerts or check for her. *smh*

    Anyway... This is the Madonna I love and adore! <333 I feel like Blond Ambition Madonna was her most candid and bad-ass-don't-give-a-fuck moment/era ever! And I live for it <3

    I also live for her trying her best at speaking Spanish, loves <3

    She said it in a funny/bitchy kind of tone, i mean she was at Madonna's show lol

  8. I wouldn't erase the fall at all. I was in the O2 that evening and when she was finished everyone was chanting her name the next day everyone was talking about how much of a professional she was.

    I wouldn't even erase the kiss. I would've just changed the timing to not happen a few data agree GT video premiered.

    I remember watching the Brits live, after the initial shock, i was truly in awe of her professionalism, she looked pissed but she got up, smiled like nothing had happened, gave a great performance, even though you could tell that she was mad about the accident...

    There's a really well shot bootleg of the performance on youtube, filmed from the side, where you can tell just how much energy she put on the number, giving her best inspite of the fall.

    Regarding the kiss, i loved seeing naughty Madonna back, the way she was treated by the media/drake, really showed the way women are mistreated and discriminated by women themselves...

  9. When was the last time she released a DVD everybody loved? DWT?

    These are not my opinions but what I remember people complaining about: (I agree at some extent)

    Confessions - it was over edited and too many effects

    Sticky - The vocals were awfully edited

    MDNA - besides the technical issues it was the Instagram filters and multiple shows merged

    Both the Confessions Tour and the S&S special were played to death over here, i remember A&E doing an excellent promotional campaign for CT, the day after the broadcast everyone was talking about how amazing the show was on tv and radio...

    With S&S i expected people to complain or at least mention how weird her vocals sounded but nothing of that sort, i truly feel these are details only big fans care for...

    With MDNA, some of my friends commented on how annoying the editing was, with no shots lasting more than a blink of an eye...

    Personally, i love the way they edited and presented DWT, CT, and S&S...

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