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  1. On 14/12/2016 at 4:01 AM, billiejean said:

    Lady Gaga and the death of sex


    Published: 2010

    She constantly touts her symbiotic bond with her fans, the “little monsters”, who she inspires to “love themselves” as if they are damaged goods in need of her therapeutic repair. “You’re a superstar, no matter who you are!” She earnestly tells them from the stage, while their cash ends up in her pockets. She told a magazine with messianic fervour: “I love my fans more than any artist who has ever lived.”

    There is a monumental disconnect between Gaga’s melodramatic self-portrayal as a lonely, rebellious, marginalised artist and the powerful corporate apparatus that bankrolled her makeover and has steamrollered her songs into heavy rotation on radio stations everywhere.

    Lady Gaga is a manufactured personality, and a recent one at that.

    Furthermore, despite showing acres of pallid flesh in the fetish-bondage garb of urban prostitution, Gaga isn’t sexy at all – she’s like a gangly marionette or plasticised android. How could a figure so calculated and artificial, so clinical and strangely antiseptic, so stripped of genuine eroticism have become the icon of her generation? Can it be that Gaga represents the exhausted end of the sexual revolution?

    Gaga has borrowed so heavily from Madonna (as in her latest video-Alejandro) that it must be asked, at what point does homage become theft? However, the main point is that the young Madonna was on fire. She was indeed the imperious Marlene Dietrich’s true heir. For Gaga, sex is mainly decor and surface; she’s like a laminated piece of ersatz rococo furniture. Alarmingly, Generation Gaga can’t tell the difference. Is it the death of sex? Perhaps the symbolic status that sex had for a century has gone kaput; that blazing trajectory is over…

    Gaga is in way over her head with her avant-garde pretensions… She wants to have it both ways – to be hip and avant-garde and yet popular and universal, a practitioner of gung-ho “show biz”. Most of her worshippers seem to have had little or no contact with such powerful performers as Tina Turner or Janis Joplin, with their huge personalities and deep wells of passion.

    Generation Gaga doesn’t identify with powerful vocal styles because their own voices have atrophied: they communicate mutely via a constant stream of atomised, telegraphic text messages. Gaga’s flat affect doesn’t bother them because they’re not attuned to facial expressions.

    Gaga's fans are marooned in a global technocracy of fancy gadgets but emotional poverty. Borderlines have been blurred between public and private: reality TV shows multiply, cell phone conversations blare everywhere; secrets are heedlessly blabbed on Facebook and Twitter. Hence, Gaga gratuitously natters on about her vagina…

    So on point! And this was written 6 years ago...

  2. This one's worse :(

    Chile: Lions shot after man jumps into enclosure, strips

    May 23, 2016

    (CNN)A zoo killed two lions to save a man who jumped into the big cats' enclosure in the Chilean capital.

    The man climbed over the fence Saturday and removed his clothes before approaching the lions, according to a statement posted on the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo Facebook page.

    He was apparently attempting suicide, and a note was found in his clothes, Chilean media reported.

    Zoo staff shot and killed two of the lions with live rounds to protect the man, the zoo's statement said.

    "Due to the circumstances and to firstly protect the life of this person, we found ourselves obliged to apply all of our security protocols," the zoo's statement reads.

    The two lions, a male and a female, were shot in front of a large crowd of zoo visitors. The male lion was born at the zoo, while the lioness was rescued from a circus, local media reported.

    The zoo said it took the "incomprehensible action" of killing two of its three lions, which was "profoundly painful for every single one of us."

    The man has been described by police as "frustrated" and an investigation has been opened.


  3. Adding another leg to a tour is a highly unusual move for Madonna. "It absolutely has not happened in the four tours I've been involved with," Fogel tells Billboard.com. "There has been talk [of extending] during each one, but it has never come to be. But with this one, she loves the show, she's had a great time and she's excited about playing new markets."

    The extension will take Sticky & Sweet to around 80 shows, and boost it well into the top five grossing tours of all time. Despite the more than six-month break, the tour will feature the same production and performers as 2008. "It is a long hiatus, but everybody was excited to continue," Fogel says. "So we basically worked out the arrangements for all the performers, crew and equipment and we'll be ready to go."

    The Sticky & Sweet tour was the first under a 10-year multi-rights agreement between Madonna and Live Nation, valued in some reports at about $120 million.


  4. Ok, Billboard needs to make up their mind...2012 they claimed MDNA was her fifth tour with Fogel, this year they said the same thing with RH...

    Rebel Heart will be Fogel's fifth tour with Madonna, a relationship that has produced more than $1 billion in Boxscore grosses.

    This will also be the third -- and, presumably, final -- tour by Madonna under a 10-year multirights deal she inked with Live Nation in 2007, valued at a reported $120 million. The future of that partnership is unclear, given that Oseary's Maverick Management (which also includes U2, which struck a similar deal with Live Nation) is now part of Artist Nation, Live Nation's artist management division. Initially, the Live Nation/Madonna deal included recorded content (along with touring, merch, fan club/Website, DVDs, some sponsorships, and certain other music-related projects), but those recording rights were sold to Interscope in 2011 for a reported $40 million in a three-album deal, of which Rebel Heart is the second.


  5. Not to go off-topic, but does anyone know why HBO didn't pick up RIT for live broadcast? Was the DWT broadcast a flop for them?

    It was planned to broadcast one of the shows on TV. However, negotiations with TV network CBS fell through when it didn't want to comply with Madonna's demand to air for more than 2 hours and commercial-free.


    As for HBO, i believe it was around that time that they stopped broadcasting live shows, DWT had 5.7M viewers wich was very good, The Girlie Show attracted 5.4M, Blond Ambition 8M, Confessions 4.6M on NBC.

  6. And she took it out for rebel heart tour?

    Someone that relys so much on movement/dancing would never risk that for a fake butt that she doesnt need

    There's a procedure that they inject your own fat in the butt, it's temporal i tnink, her ass looked bigger on S&S round 2 but it looked like muscle to me, like RIT, i think she started trainig her lower body a lot more since 2003, but who knows really,if she got work done, kudos to her, it looked amazing
  7. I've never seen this video before thx for posting!

    I'm seeing an epic level of aquardness Between the two lovebirds. This looks like it was filmed like ten minutes after they just broke up or something of that nature. Can someone please bring me up to speed. ????

    It happened after the blackout during the last show of the tour, as soon as the power went out she looked a bit nervous(understandably), and he was there for her talking to her, trying to help her stay cool while dealing with a stadium filled with 50,000 ppl and no power!

    They left the stage with him hugging her, they came back an hour later like what you see on that video, who knows what went on backstage...

  8. Was listening to Graham Norton on Radio 2 today, some judge from Ru Paul was on. Never heard of her but turns out she is a massive M fan and spoke in the most amazing terms about the tour. Graham said he would be at one of the London shows.

    Michelle Visage?

  9. To this day I don't understand why she did a show two days after 9/11. I still think it was inappropriate. Yes I understand don't let the terrorists win, bla bla bla. But by that Thursday, they thought that tens of thousands of people had died. She could have just skipped one show and lost the money.

    MTV News 9/17/2001

    The singer pledged that proceeds from her final shows would go to relief funds for victims of the attacks and their families. Saturdays show was originally scheduled to be held Tuesday but was nixed due to the attacks, as were other major entertainment events around the country


  10. Girlie Show from Paris is good too

    This morning i found a website with a few bootlegs to download, found what it seems to be a radio broadcast of the Girlie Show in Rio de Janeiro, quality is quite good but there's this annoying radio host who talks over at the beginning of almost every single song, not sure if anyone's interested in it

  11. I think being such a high profile event, with people from all around the world attending the show by an american superstar, im sure very strict security meassures will be taken, if they feel it's too risky i'm sure they will cancel, it's still hard for me to believe that human beings can be capable of doing things like these to innocent people, with such cruelty, it's heartbreaking

  12. Paris would be amazing, around the Girlie Show she said Bercy was her favorite venue, Italy would be great also!

    Puerto Rico had a great crowd back in 93


    What about the UK? The audience in the Confessions tour dvd is not that enthusiastic but i think it will be much better this time given the long history she has with the UK, and the type of show that RH is...

    I remember a very loud croud at RIT Manchester

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