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  1. Not that it means much cause it's Billboard afterall but...

    "Madonna and Aretha, though? It's hard to explain -- except that Madonna, by her own admission, had already been tapped by the VMAs to present the video of the year award, perhaps as a celebration of her 60th birthday last week and a chance for Madonna to reintroduce herself to the public in advance of her new album later this year. "


  2. From MT:

    From what we hear, the collaboration between Madonna and Canadian producer Billboard continued along the year with several in-out sessions in London. As rumoured back in January, they have been working together at Sarm Studios, the world-class music village that has already been home of Madonna and many celebrated artists’ recording sessions in the past.

    We also learnt that Mathieu Jomphe-Lépine (that’s Billboard‘s real name) is contributing both as an author and a producer.


  3. On 5/14/2018 at 10:08 PM, caba1 said:

    and why would he hide himself from the credits. It's just ridiculous. Did they put everyone on the credits on that song but him? His songs didn't make the cut.Period. It's not an opinion or speculation, he SAID that.

    Stuff like that happens all the time with writing/production credits, take for instance Everybody registered as being written solely by Madonna despite the fact that it's well known that it was co-written with Bray, with their publishing arrangement giving Bray sole credit for Ain’t No Big Deal in exchange...


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