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  1. Of course LAV is the hit that made her an esablished artist.....i'm just suprised how some deny TAB as being the bigger success between the two when the facts don't lie.

    Denial Maybe?

    LMAO...denial? Even Hung Up sold more than Take a Bow in the US...i repeat,TAB may have spent the most weeks at #1 but that hardly makes it her biggest hit.

    Let me ask you something,do you consider Mariah's Honey a bigger hit than say,Shania's You're still the one(wich actually never hit #1)?

  2. Well it was #1 for weeks on Billboard's Hot 100, and beating out the record held by "Like A Virgin" :nocomment:

    So you think TAB is a bigger hit than LAV because it spent 7 weeks at the top instead of 6?I don't even consider TAB as one of M's many classic hits...

    Weeks spent at #1 had a LOT to do with the way charts were calculated back then that's why i don't think of TAB as her biggest hit...actually i don't think anyone does.

  3. Does anyone have the market shares for the digital market? It would be interesting to know how many percent I-tunes is and if the Amazon downloads really matter that much.

    A few years ago Itunes represented 85% of the digital market...i'm sure it has changed since then but not that much.

  4. Yeah the Estelle track is new and was released 1 day before Madonna's and is selling a lot more than her

    Someone else from the UK said that Estelle's song was released on friday...?

    And btw,when was this song serviced to radios in the UK?Also,is the video already out?

  5. i know the UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden is different but we saw it climb fast to #2 and #1 and it was released THE SAME WEEK TO RADIO...

    it is really hard to tell but it is a possibility...

    Well yeah,Hung Up made it's way into the top 3 pretty fast but what i'm trying to say is that no one should expect 4min to outsell touch my body next week...the song has close to 100M Aud.Imp.,Mariah will perform the song on a very popular teen show on monday,the video's been out for a few weeks too...

    The only thing Madonna has going on for her is that they're 3 HUGE artist with a big fanbase...the song's still too new...

  6. Guys,i think expecting this song to debut or skyrocket to #1 in 2 weeks is totally unrealistic...i could see it happening in a slow chart week or maybe in a month or so if the song keeps on growing at this rate and really connects with the masses,but with only 2 weeks of airplay,no video and lets not forget the Mariah,Usher,Leona competition, i really don't see it happening at all.I mean,it would need to sell around 250,000 to be able to hit #1 in 2 weeks...do you really think that's going to happen?

  7. Discipline's to-date tally is around 239,000. JJ has a Saturday Night Live performance this weekend, but that probably won't cause a boost (maybe a lesser loss)- she also appeared on SNL for the Damita Jo album a couple weeks after its release. Also may have for 20 Y.O.

    She's no longer doing SNL. she dropped out of the show just a few days ago.

  8. Took this from the BS thread:

    "Gimme more" will be the number one so far. In four days, the song has sold more than 140.000 downloads, 40% more than Soulja Boy.

    Top 5 @ 28/09/2007 - 16:33:

    1. Gimme More - Britney Spears (142.396)

    2. Crank That - Soulja Boy Tell 'Em (102.005)

    3. Stronger - Kanye West (89.559)

    4. 1234 - Feist (83.336)

    5. How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty (82.953)"

    Source: Downline Org. / revista billboard COMU

    I don't know how accurate this is...

  9. I got this from mmad:

    From lighthousemike:

    Warner and Madonna gave power over to NBC to re edit the show as they see fit, that was a deal breaker for NBC and if Madonna did not sign on it they would pass on the offer to get the tour on their network.

    Warner made it very clear how strongly Madonna feels about the cross part of her show and NBC promised to do whatever they can to leave it intact.

    Early today NBC told Warner they decided NOT to air the "Live To Tell" part of the show as a respect to a wide and devoted audience.

    Warner "leaked" info to the media saying Madonna will back off and won't let them air the show at all (knowing she can't really do that as shes under contract with NBC) moreover they alerted the media about a press release due out today from Madonna ahead of one from NBC due out in a few days revealing their decision.

    Calls and emails to NBC to conform the news "laked" by Warner were returned late Thursday without a clear response and insisted they are still reviewing the show submitted by Warner last night.

    In any case we can rest assure the show WILL air this November (22nd as of now) with or without the Cross.

    Warner Music tells MADONNAdownload a DVD will be released IN FULL this December as well as an HD DVD.

    The same source said "there are no planes for a RIT DVD at this time".

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