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  1. 17 hours ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    No sanctions in relation to the current situation in Ukraine have been imposed yet. There are some minor sanctions still in place in regards to Russias invasion in Crimea.

    Putin and Lavrov personally could care less. They have enriched themselves over the years and certainly will not starve in the future. Well, as long as they stay in Russia. The new sanctions will basically cut off all financial relations of Russia to the rest of the World. No money will flow in or out of Russia. Russia will not be able to sell bonds to finance their household. Keep in mind, mighty Russia is only mighty on a military basis and this only because of nuclear weapons. In regards to everything else economically Russia is a midget. Their GDP is slightly higher than the GDP of Switzerland. Except for natural gas, oil and some mineral ressources, this country has nothing else that is competitive or needed around the globe. Russia can still work with China, I guess. Well, as a Chinese colony more or less. Russia may take a look at some African nations that "enjoy" a cooperation with China. Does Putin know that he will need to bow to Winnie Pooh at some point? This is going to be very interesting. 

    Sanctions have been ordered by EU, Norway, USA, Great Britain and Canada for the current situation

    And Putin and Lavrov have responded 

  2. 51 minutes ago, CzarnaWisnia said:

    Btw, the Nord Stream pipeline's construction has been completed in September. It's being inspected now and will soon be ready to pump twice as much gas from Russia to Europe, while also reducing the US's influence over Europe. The US can sanction Russia all it wants (sanctions are tools of warfare) and keep raising its fists in the air, Europe needs and wants those resources (you can see the European leaders are not joining in the American conquistador rhetoric, but trying to reduce tensions). American media, being that it's just a mouthpiece for power, will frame it as a human rights issue (diversion), and angry tweeters will tweet a lot about it.

    Nordic Stream pipeline has been put to hold because of Putins actions

  3. British intelligence says Putins war plan is already in motion

    Russia is reporting Ukrainian bombings and saboteurs terrorist attacking Russian mother territory

    As if they would be THAT stupid

    Putins lap poodle the White Russian dictator says Russans troops wont withdraw as long as theres Nato forces near their borders (Latvia and Poland?)

  4. 13 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    Oh shut up with the nonsense. Why are you always spoiling all threads with your trolling?

    Oh open your eyes pull your head from the hole

    Putin is on a mission, he wants to restore what damage Jeltsin did to Soviet states letting them slip to independence and Russians influence in Europe and world

    Its all on record as what he and his military commander said before and now

  5. Yeah, it wont stop at Ukraine

    Putin already warned about "Technical military action" IF USA wont withdraw all NATO troops and weapons from eastern and middle European countires

    AND in Russian military doctrine there is prognose that WW3 will start 2020's, they are prepared

    Next Baltic, Finland, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and so on..watch this space

  6. 18 hours ago, karbatal said:

    After so much fanfare in the end it has been Ukraine the one throwing American bombs to the civilians in the east provinces. Forcing them to take refugee in Russia.

    Who would have thought…

    News here say Russians are the only one provoke bombing to fabricate stories to start a war

    Apparently they even broke their own gaspipe and next will be chemical fabric to make Ukraine seem responsible for chemical attack..

  7. 3 hours ago, Foolio said:

    Scandinavian countries have downgraded it because an overwhelming majority of people have been vaccinated. It's because of vaccinations that covid is not as much of a threat as it was before.

    The Scandinavian countries are also discussing bringing some restrictions back because the death and hospilation rate is now increasing again also among those vaccinated

  8. 1 hour ago, horn said:

    Georgia (99%) - 16 Electoral Votes
    Biden - 2,456,845 (49.4%) +6,652
    Trump - 2,452,825 (49.3%) +4,190 (-1%)
    Difference - 4,020 (+2,462)

    Nevada (87%)- 6 Electoral Votes
    Biden - 632,558 (49.8%) +5,454
    Trump - 609,901 (48%) +2,934 (-1%)
    Difference - 22,657 (+2,520)

    North Carolina (99%)- 15 Electoral Votes
    Trump - 2,732,782 (50.1%) +698
    Biden - 2,656,303 (48.7%) +920
    Difference - 76,479 (-222)

    Pennsylvania (99%)- 20 Electoral Votes
    Biden - 3,337,069 (49.6%) +26,495 (+1%)
    Trump - 3,308,192 (49.2%) +11,027 (-1%)
    Difference - 28,877 (+15,468)

    Arizona (90%)- 11 Electoral Votes
    Biden - 1,604,067 (49.7%) +42,920 (-3%) :shock: 
    Trump - 1,574,206 (48.8%) +56,838 (+2%) :shock: 
    Difference - 29,861 (-13,918) :shock: 

    So NC will go to Trump, Arizona could very well go to Trump and now Pennsylvania he has a chance too as they found 100000 more votes that are revåbublican leaning?

  9. 1 hour ago, horn said:


    Georgia (99%) - 16 Electoral Votes
    Trump - 2,448,183 (49.4%) +10,002
    Biden - 2,447,518 (49.4%) +22,101
    Difference - 665 (-12,099) :shock: 

    Pennsylvania (97%)- 20 Electoral Votes
    Trump - 3,285,965 (49.6%) +47,283
    Biden - 3,267,923 (49.3%) +130,265
    Difference - 18,042 (-82,982) :shock: 

    Arizona (90%)- 11 Electoral Votes
    Biden - 1,528,319 (50.1%) +57,295
    Trump - 1,482,062 (48.5%) +78,944 :shock: 
    Difference - 46,257 (-21,649)

    I hope Trump doesnt flip Arizona

  10. 32 minutes ago, horn said:

    Pennsylvania (88%)- 20 Electoral Votes
    Trump - 3,231,212 (50.3%) +919
    Biden - 3,120,731 (48.6%) +3,561
    Difference - 110,481

    Georgia (99%) - 16 Electoral Votes
    Trump - 2,436,006 (49.5%)
    Biden - 2,422,467 (49.2%)
    Difference - 13,539

    Nevada (76%)- 6 Electoral Votes
    Biden - 604,251 (49.4%) +444
    Trump - 592,813 (48.5%) +793
    Difference - 11,438

    North Carolina (94%)- 15 Electoral Votes
    Trump - 2,732,084 (50.1%)
    Biden - 2,655,383 (48.7%)
    Difference - 76,701

    Arizona (88%)- 11 Electoral Votes
    Biden - 1,469,341 (50.5%)
    Trump - 1,400,951 (48.1%)
    Difference - 68,390


    Electoral Votes (270 to win)
    Biden - 253 (17 to win)
    Trump - 213 (57 to win)

    It could go either way

    Trump seems strong still

  11. On 7/28/2020 at 11:53 PM, HolidayGuy said:

    I suspect M contributed all lyrics outside of the opening?

    Commercially, I don't think it would have mattered what was the lead single. In terms of buzz outside of the charts, though, GC probably would have been a good choice.

    Internet Gays crave another Confessions Banger Disco Stomper Madonna

    So it probably wouldve smashed Manchester Gay Village better than poor Medellin

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