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  1. 20 hours ago, promise to try said:

    so in which is point is the war now? it seems that puttin is killing civilians, but he has been doing that since the beginning...but no mayor changes seem to be happening, are they? this seems to me that is going to continue for months...

    is the rasputitsa happening yet?

    The point is to destroy Ukraina and make it as example to Nato what will happen if they dont obey Putins wishes

  2. 4 hours ago, air1975 said:

    I think Putin is realizing that this invasion is more costly than he had anticipated (length of time, Russian casualties, stiff resistance, significant sanctions resulting in economic difficulties and possible unrest in Russia). 

    I am afraid he will become more and more ruthless, as he may be like a poker player who has bet too much money to pull out now. 


    Im afraid he might be planning to use tactic nuke attack as his minions are fabricating stories about chemical weapons found in Ukraine

  3. 3 minutes ago, Cyber-Raga said:

    I’m sure they are aware how easily this social media can be used to influence and manipulate people. 
    Plus it’s super annoying for pictures of havoc and death to be distributed around the world, including Russia. 

    Yes, they have the largest internet troll factory in the world 

  4. 4 hours ago, Paul Wade said:

    Hopefully the peace talks that are underway will provide a diplomatic solution to this totally unjustifiable war.  As for Putin,I think his days are numbered. Whatever happens he has damaged both his own reputation as a leader beyond repair,and the reputation of Russia as a country on the world political stage,no democratic country would ever take him seriously after this invasion. More pressure has to be applied to him from within Russia itself.  I wholeheartedly applaud the brave men and women who have spoken out in Russia and protested against Putin. I hope it inspires more Russians to do so. 

    But who could trust Russians in peace negotiations after what has happened? I mean they straight out lied thrue whole diplomatic round before this war

  5. 8 hours ago, lex92 said:

    At this point it makes no sense to analyze the historic events that lead Putin to invade a souvereign democrazy in europe.

    At the very moment there is people fighting for their human rights.

    So what they need is our emphathy and moral support as all that is happening right now.

    Historians will analyze all that afterwards anyway.


    They are fighting for all Europeans security, alone

  6. 24 minutes ago, Cyber-Raga said:

    In 1938 Hitler annexed Austria and the German speaking part of former Czechoslovakia. GB, USA, France allowed him to do so at a conference in Munich because they believed it would appease him. He kept on saying rhetorical bullshit, basically suggesting these countries / regions were part of the former German Empire and that 1919 (Peace treaty after WW1) was a mistake which needed to be corrected bc of German interests. 
    Cut to a few month later when he invaded the non-German speaking part of Czechoslovakia after saying in Munich he wouldn’t.
    This was the red line in the sand for the western nations, so they gave Poland the guarantee that they would declare war on Germany should Hitler also annex them. On September 1st 1939 the German army crossed the border to Poland after a bullshit propaganda dispute and thus WW2 began. 

    Putin is annexing the pro Russian part of the Ukraine now. Political expert are predicting that he will not be satisfied until he has the whole Ukraine. If people don’t perceive this as a problem or threat, I do not know what is wrong with them. Just listen to his insane speech from the other day where he said that 1917 (the Russian Empire under a Zar) needed to be culturally restored and that even the Sowjet Union was wrong to allow these countries some sense of existence. 

    Oh and Biden this, the West that … sorry but this has nothing to do with invading a sovereign country. Europe hasn’t seen this since the end of WW2. Even the Balkan wars were civil wars, which was bad enough. 

    Do you think he will be satisfied when he gets whole Ukraine? The man is crazy and someone should take him down ASAP before he pushes the red button

  7. 6 hours ago, karbatal said:

    I wish you stopped saying nonsense

    What is next, he will get back Alaska? It’s bordering Russian territory too. See how absurd the idea is?

    Its a known fact that its Russian interest to pit EU countries againts each other and weaken EU

    Putin said just on tv that he is ready to use nucklear missels against western countries if needed

    Russian troops are currently attacking several cities in Ukraine and missels are launched to capital

  8. 2 hours ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    This guy still owes the City of Berlin, citizens and authorities, a big apology for his behaviour in relation to a missing teenage girl a few years ago. Making some serrious claims that Berlin authorities were not looking for the girl that was allegedly kidnapped (by immigrants?) because her family came from the former Soviet Union. And Russia considers those people still the citizens of Russia and therefore have to intervene on their behalf. What happened was that large parts of that community started demonstrating against Berlin authorities on the basis of false claims. Even the Russian parliament passed some kind of resolution. In the end, the girl was found by Berlin police. She was hiding for a few days. She was with her Turkish boyfriend, a boyfriend she was hiding from her parents because it was pretty clear her family would not condone the relationship. Needless to say no one ever apologized. 

    In this regard, I am always shocked how immigrants so easily take the position of the country they came from. The country they left because they were allegedly treated badly for several reasons. In this case because of their heritage. It's an open secret here that the overwhelming majority of those so called Russia - Germans moved to Germany purely for economic reasons. Unfortunately back in the nineties they were all let in as a plot of the German chancellor Helmut Kohl to win elections. He knew those people are super conservative and will therefore vote for his party. Many people were under the impression that authorities were not even checking if those people really have German heritage. There was an evil joke back then that most of them probably had a German shepherd at one point, which was sufficient to prove heritage. 

    What does all this have to do with sanctions ordered today?

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