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  1. Supposedly Madonna was pissed at him for their telephone conversation that appeared online years ago, i think the Versace campaign was the first shoot they did together after that

    That's another thing I didn't know

    I find his work with M very stylish and the whole look with the white Versace clothes was so unic and beautiful

  2. Driving to and from the beach I am listening a lot to this album lately and I am really concentrated on hearing the music the production the lyrics her vocals and I have to say that I really really love this record and if there were other times we would get 7 singles and two number 1s and the rest of them top 5 for sure...

  3. I really lost her during that era

    Living in Greece was very hard keeping in track with her back then

    I saw BAT in Barcelona on TV as a live broadcast and then I heard about JML on the news beacuse it got banned and then next thing I remember was my father telling me she is going to spill candle on her lovers chest in her new video

    And then MTV came and changed my life LOL

  4. Madonnatribe has another supposed setlist.

    Section 1 Latin Lovers

    01 Intro (using parts of Secret Project speech, mashed with love songs)

    02 Living for Love

    03 Hold Tight

    04 Who's that Girl Flamenco mix

    05 Deeper & Deeper 2015 mix

    Section 2 Chapel of Sin

    06 S.E.X. (Interlude with parts of erotica & best night)

    07 Justify my Love (Led Zeppelin mash)

    08 Holy Water/Vogue mash

    09 Dress you up 2015 mix

    10 Inside Out (with "True Blue" bridge)

    Section 3 Destruction/Apocalypse

    11: Rescue me 2015 mix (interlude)

    12: Ghosttown

    13: Love don't live here anymore or HeartBreakCity

    14: Between the Bars

    15: Wash all over me Remix

    Section 4 The Queen's throne

    16: Iconic (Interlude)

    17: Devil Pray

    18: Like a Prayer

    19: Ray of Light

    20: Joan of arc or Rebel Heart (acoustic)

    Section 5 Rooftop Party

    21: Illuminati (Interlude)

    22: Into the Groove

    23: Holiday

    24: Bitch i'm Madonna

    This has more older hits, for the complainers who want hits!

    I ve said it so many times I don t want the show to start with LFL cause I want the first number to be a surprise thematically. I prefer Iconic as an opening song. But the rest looks good

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