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  1. God Control is gonna kill me!!! 

    I’m all for Bitch I’m Loca! 

    I’m kind of meh...about Crazy considering she’s singing she’s loca and she’s singing both English and Portuguese ...feels like we have Faz Gostoso and Bitch I’m Loca but waiting for a full listen before judging.

    I didn’t realize Killers would be slow...it’s interesting to say the least

    Batuka has a raw feeling about it which I think in full will be fully realized and will work! 

    Crazy and Come Alive I’m probably gonna be 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 About but we’ll see! 

    I don’t search I Find and God Control sound really impressive but whatever the song is about smoking dope (I fear it’s god control)...I’m not sure I’m feeling that spoken rap bit. I guess we’ll see. 

  2. 5 minutes ago, Jeby said:

    I want some of the songs she has not done ever or in a while. We keep getting the same old songs from the vast catalog and I am like, M, surely you know you have other songs?! I want Gambler. Sorry. Hung Up. Sky fits Heaven. Dress You up (original version) Into The Groove. Borderline. I don't mind her singing upbeat songs from MadameX. Must promote the album. But a whole host of oldies never performed before or in a while will be good.

    Love them but I think we can rest Like A Prayer and Holiday for now. Even Vogue can rest but the only reason I am not saying that now is because it may be appropriate for the event. 

    I just doubt that’s gonna happen. She’s def gonna song the most basic classics and a few new ones...I’m feeling 

    I Rise


    like a prayer

    express yourself 

    and maybe something else off the new record like God Control 

  3. 39 minutes ago, Jeby said:

    Do we know the set list? I hope she sings a mixture of old and new and all upbeat. This is a gay pride event. They wanna see Madonna the disco queen not Madonna the artist. She can save the guitar and violins for the tour.



    Can you imagine girl gone wild MDNA tour , Vogue, like so prayer, ray of light, holiday...!!! 

  4. 3 minutes ago, White Heat said:

    It was on iTunes in the UK before it was on Youtube & on iTunes in some other countries before that. New Zealand got it first I think. 

    Yeah here in USA, it was pretty much simultaneously released at midnight, but the song was out in other territories before the video 

  5. 37 minutes ago, juliebean said:

    i thought there would be more remixes of "Medellin" and the other songs by now.

    We’re gonna get more Medellin remixes Friday and Friday the remix crave concept will happen and I bet she’ll pick fan remixes as official mixes! 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Kurt420 said:

    NOOOO!! lol 

    I selected the option to get the CD when I requested tix so they charged my credit card......however, I didn't think I'd still get charged for the CD if they declined tix request. 

    I mean....I find it just a tinge shady tbqh.....but on the other hand, pretty smart! lol


    3 minutes ago, jonski43 said:

    Omg that is terrible! 😂 That's Gaga levels of shady behaviour. 

    That’s not shady at all. I opted NOT to purchase the CD if I didn’t get the tickets. You should’ve opted out. 

  7. Just now, alexis said:

    This video is absolutely stunning and it's breathtaking from start to finish. I must say that I admire the fact that she decided to back away from being the leading character in this video. She chose a queer POC to represent the opressão made by religion in our society and the pain that reflects upon minorities due to the prevalence of patriarcal values. She truly came to make a BIG statement with this video and song. It really made me think of how important and necessary her activism has been through all these  years and how she refuses to shut up while defending human rights. Once more, I'm so proud to call her my queen and to be part of her fandom. There's only one Queen and it's Madonna, bitch.

    And to think she still has god control to unleash!!! Wtf!!! This era is really magical and we all just have to begin appreciating it more!!! 

    Also future sounds really good following dark ballet now (maybe it’s because of Eurovision and yes I know god control follows but as of now it’s the next song available)

  8. 7 minutes ago, toujours said:

    mon Dieu!

    "dark ballet" a masterwork in short horror film. malevolence pervade its visual and aural orchestration. for the less perceptive, the video might even contain "demonic" elements. 

    but the messaging is very clear...

    omnipresent to this day are the religious, political, cultural, and social inquisition of people in the fringes and margins. the dark ages never came to past but was tempered only by science and modernization. prejudice lurks in the minds and hearts of those who refuse to step beyond their bubbles, towers and zones.

    the divide remains. the battlefields are still there. people might have discovered cures for epidemics. but none yet for today's pandemic disease of rage and ignorance that are magnified by mass media and digital technology.

    and yet like cascading water, the vulnerable will continue forging a path for their redemption. orders and systems be damned.   

    triumphantly, emmanuel and madonna have realized their artistic vision. they found a brilliant conduit in mykko. surrounded by a lovely cast of actors, he personifies the persecuted lot of this world that soldier on. and the third person narration of madonna, more heard and little seen, give more focus on the film's message. 

    "dark ballet" is a fine addition to Madonna's exceptional videography. 

    You said it best! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  9. 9 minutes ago, bardo said:

    i was thinking the same thing. it might be a stand-in though. do we know if she was actually on set for this one? because i suspect if she was, they might have shown her more. she's not in any of the other group shots of the women. i also wonder why she didn't direct this herself. it would have made perfect sense if she wasn't in it much.

    I think she may have directed it

  10. If reminds me of Anhoni’s video where Naomi Campbell sings the song and Anhoni isn’t featured at all...i like it though of course I miss her not in it. I wish she was standing with the other women and had some close up shots of her face watching the burning OR it would swap between M and Mykke when he’s in the circle of men...

  11. 18 minutes ago, metalissimo said:

    I think Madonna fans who will not attend the tour and not preorder on Amazon iTunes etc, will just buy Madame X on the stores like Walmart, Target etc, they didn't preorder on Amazon etc because they don't wanna pay the shipping cost and want to get the Madame X albums earlier, because if they preorder on Amazon, it will Take 2-3 days by mail to get the CD which will be around June 17-19 so they will just go to Walmart or Target stores in their neck of the wood to buy Madame X CD as soon as possible on June 14 because they cannot wait. 

    Usually they ship these things out so they are received by release day 

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