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  1. http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2011/11/26/m-i-a-and-solveig-tweet-and-exclusive-info-on-ms-new-album/

    M.I.A and Solveig Tweet + Exclusive Info on M’s New Album

    Today M.I.A. tweeted about Madonna and Nicki Minaj with the following…

    summond to NYC by bitchesses > MADONNA and @NICKIMINAJ > cofffffiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee it iz a good day to get me tho trustttt bitches

    A few minutes later, Martin Solveig replied…

    @_M_I_A_ @NICKIMINAJ swag !

    This confirms that Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. have been working on Madonna’s upcoming track “Give me All Your Love” produced by Martin Solveig…

    An exclusive Madonnarama addition: Minaj and M.I.A. will be featured on more than one track in Madonna’s next album, which absolutely remains electro-pop and takes a totally different direction than Hard Candy!

    If they are on more then one track, its hard candy 2 ...(until I hear it)When did Madonna become David guetta with all these extra appearances on 1 album? :( she's the Queen. It should only be her. Shit man, I was so excited. I'm over it. Karma is a bitch...next time I'll just think of Gaga never working with Madonna so that they can come out wih a whole album together. Anyone else...and it had to be her. Damn man. This blows...

    I'm just going to consider the leaked versions remix as the actual single cause that sounds better than all this. Excuse my bad attitude, I'm just depressed now.

  2. Nicki dissed cher on twitter, I'm sorry but I dont want her near madonnas track. Wishful thinking. MIA is amazing and I wis she was the only one involved on the track.

    Nicki disses everybody and her voice is extremely annoying. It almost sounds like gibberish. If I even remotely liked her, I would be ok with the collaboration but since I don't like anything she's released, I don't see how she's going to help the song. She's beautiful but is all plastic at that. I don't know where this Nicki craze began but I wish it was just over already. MIA is talented and adds a great edge to music. She's not annoying or overly commercial so it won't overpower the music (like Nicki will with her annoying ranting is the only way I can put it...she sounds like she's on cack, and it sounds stupid.) Her performance style is lukewarm at best and her facial expressions make me wonder, has Madonna even listened to her or seen her performing to want to put her in a video and worldwide performance with her?

    Let's just hurry up with this mess so we can get a single edit without the girl. I truly think the only good that'll come from it, is that a newer generation of girls will buy the single but not end up liking Madonna (maybe in the same way 4 minutes sold) Just buying it cause Nicki is in it.

  3. I love MIA but...

    ::cries:: I was hoping it was just a rumor.

    Oh well, what can I do. I've loved everything up until this point. I can't agree with EVERYTHING she's done and I ave loved almost everything. I will mourn til the release, then cringe when I listen to Nicki on the track almost instantaneously every time I hear it. Hopefully an edit without her will circulate fast.

    Plus, at least it was news. Maybe she'll just be in the Superbowl performance? Wishful thinking?

  4. It was really so much fun. The crowd was so happy to see her and it seemed like everyone was just pumped by the competition that they were all elaborating on their dancing. The entrance went smoothly and i didnt even show my RSVP, which was strange. We all just walked in but i was in the front so idk if that had anything to do with it. Her entrance was awesome.'Madonna looked amazing as you all know and I stayed til she left, saw her leave through the back entrance (she didn't stop to sign or anything) and car sped off. I believe, though don't quote me on this, that Guy WAS there. He just wasn't sitting around her the whole time. He was talking to her for a while though (if it is who I think it is). I'm hoping we get them answering questions on twitter today or tomorrow. ::fingers crossed::

  5. I think people are reading way too much into this song. They invested an unbelievable amount of high expectation, only to lead themselves to disappointment. It's really not a bad song! It's the demo, for fucksake! If you listen closely and notice how there's really no bass or excess "music magic," it's obvious that Master Orbit has yet to cast a spell over the track. Have faith and be patient!


  6. I hate to say this but without Nicki on this song,it *will* fail,in America for sure.I can't imagine US radio embracing this song the way it sounds right now.

    Americans don't embrace Madonna anymore. I have to fight them off on a daily basis and I don't even mention her. People know I love her and everyone from parents, to kids, to my peers, everyone thinks she's "old" (which is such a stupid excuse to not like somebody because everyone obsesses over MJ, it's such a bias, male-female thing), and that she'll never be the same as she was in the 80's. Well, it's not the 80's anymore. Nobodies the same! lol it's so annoying.

    I hate to say it but their just going to talk shit about the fact that

    she's trying too hard and getting young rappers like she did on her last album.

    The last time she succeeded was with Hung Up, and it was just THAT single because the production, the ABBA sample...etc.

    other than that, American Life tanked (even though i loved it),

    Hard Candy tanked as well (i thought it was a good album, not amazing or "great")...

    After Ray of Light, it's really been hit or miss.

    I feel like she's just going to do whatever she wants so she can tour her ass off.

    and honestly, at the Superbowl, I'm super nervous, the guys aren't even going to cheer after the performance...

  7. thing is, right about now, Nicki Minaj etc..are actually creating some HOPE that this isnt the final version lol!

    if nicki is on it, i prefer this to be the final single and it fail! i can't stand her vocals. please don't say that and mean it! lol

  8. So much confusion! :lol: I wish Guy Oseary could set the record straight.For now,I'm gonna assume that this is a demo version and that the 'regular' version will feature Nicki and M.I.A.

    there is no confusion. Guy is making us suffer! lol people are dillusional and are hearing things because the chants are Madonna and i'm almost 99% sure it's not the final version and tbh, i don't think it's going to sound anything like the final version at all IMHO

    and if the collaboration is true (which I pray that it's NOT, at least not with Nicki Minaj), i'm sure it'll just be a live performance of the Superbowl and not actually a full officially recorded version, like the VMA's with Britney and Christina and Missy.

  9. doesn't it sound like the "I love ny" demo that was on the reinvention cd. don't you think that when they said the album was going to START being produced and mastered by William Orbit, that this version is just something that was worked on with Martin and Madonna in early July and more recently they were working together on all the other tracks and now Orbit has all the tracks and is going to produce it and master it, much like the I love ny we know from the confessions album. also with

    "it's so cool"?

    I think she's been doing that lately with her writing, the whole acoustic american life, music albums kind of writing for demos and then they produce it to be more dance/disco or whatever she's aiming for this time around... I think that's what's happening. We get this demo now, we get the official single mid january and a live version with her and MIA and Nicki (hopefully not, YUK!) at the Superbowl that will all be featured on the single with remixes by benassi and such...any thoughts?

    To me, as fun as it is, I TRULY feel she wouldn't let it leak this soon and this doesn't particularly sound like the "AMAZING" sound the producers were mentioning...i think they were talking about other tracks and this one was just a demo that is GOING to be worked on now.

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