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  1. Just now, runa said:

    That is such a weird system.......

    In Canada, federal elections are ruled by federal laws, while provincial elections are ruled by provincial laws. It means that for federal elections every province must apply the same rules and the same system. 

    I don't understand why in USA, every state can decide how they manage the vote. Seems very special to me. 

    In Denmark, all elections are governed by national laws.

    All citizens are automatically registered for general elections, and all permanent residents are automatically registered for local and regional elections.

    Mail-in votes are not allowed; you can only vote in person whether you vote early or on election day.

  2. Senate control hangs in balance with a few races undecided

    Control of the Senate hung in the balance Thursday, a cliffhanger after Republicans trounced Democratic challengers in crucial states but failed to lock down the seats needed to retain their tenuous majority.

    One race in Georgia is headed to a January runoff. A second contest in Georgia and races in North Carolina and Alaska remain undecided, leaving the chamber now deadlocked 48-48. An outcome may not be known until the new year.


  3. On 7/7/2020 at 1:25 AM, luluthecat said:

    And got paid $20,000 (or was it’s 30?), his contribution was deemed too minimal for him to benefit from having a writing credit. He said his pay got taken away by the taxman so had a try at calling out M for not crediting songwriters.

    ....hmmmm well I guess he’s nothing to loose and worked out in his favour. But it was annoying to see all those other celebs  and singers supporting his claims of not being credited as if it wasn’t his decision in the first place. 

    I think it would be great to “credit” all the people involved in a songwriting process. But from what I understand, you either choose to get paid for your time or you take smaller payment and take publishing which gives you a writing credit, where you’re then able to gain royalties......I’m no expert, but think it work a little like that. 

    I don't know exactly when it happened, but I just noticed that ASCAP has officially added Casey Spooner as a co-writer of "God Control".


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