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  1. The Danish Health Authority has changed its test recommendations for COVID-19. In Denmark, as of today, only people experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are recommended to be tested, and only if they belong to a high-risk group.

    Ironically, this announcement was made just a few hours after I tested positive myself.

  2. Thanks to a population cocktail consisting of widespread infection and high vaccination frequency, Danish health authorities estimate that Denmark will reach herd immunity within the next 2 weeks. Therefore, all Covid-19 restrictions in Denmark will be abolished as of 1 February.

    However, until the end of February, there will still be certain testing and isolation requirements for people entering Denmark from abroad - especially those who aren't fully vaccinated or previously infected.


  3. 12 hours ago, rebelheart said:

    Why aren't people getting vaccinated/booster shoots?:imsad: These restrictions shouldn't exist 2 years into this pandemic...

    They are.

    76.7 % of all Danish residents aged 5 or older have been fully vaccinated, and most of those who are eligible for the booster shot have received that one as well.

    Here in Denmark, everyone aged 40 or older can get the booster shot 4.5 months (20 weeks) after their 2nd shot, and so can people aged 18-40 who belong to a high-risk group. People aged 18-40 who don't belong to a risk group can get the booster shot 6 months (26 weeks) after their 2nd shot.



  4. Four days in a row new records have been set for new Covid-19 cases in Denmark.

    Danish authorities have now announced new restrictions which come into force on Sunday, mainly affecting cultural life:

    • Music venues, theatres, cinemas, museums, assembly rooms, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks and casinos will be required to shut down. Sporting events with paying spectators will not be allowed.
    • Restaurants, cafés and bars must close down by 11 p.m. and may not serve any alcoholic beverages after 10 p.m. Guests will be required to wear face masks or visors when not seated.
    • Alcohol sales will be banned from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
    • Density limits will be introduced in restaurants, cafés, bars and places of worship: 2 sqm of floor space must be available for eash seated guest, and 4 sqm of floor space must be available for each standing guest.
    • Staff who have contact with customers must wear masks or face shields.
    • Wearing a mask or face shield will be required in schools of higher education and places of worship (it is already required in shops and public transportation).
    • Seat reservations and corona passes will be required in long-distance trains.
    • People are strongly urged to work from home if possible.
    • People are urged to limit social contacts to family and close friends

    As of now, these restrictions will apply for 4 weeks.

  5. 30 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    I think that masks are to be mandatory in the street in all countries that had a soft approach to the virus during summer. Spain is a bit better now than others because we have been using masks on the street since June.

    And sadly bars and restaurants are the clue. Once bars are closed or limited the cases fall dramatically. 

    In Denmark, most new cases are among people aged 15-30, and parties in private homes are the driving force here.

    Btw, the lockdown has now been extended to cover 69 municipalities, which are home to a total of 90 % of Denmark's population.

  6. Large parts of Denmark are going back into lockdown starting next Wednesday, for the time being up to and including 3 January 2021.

    In 38 of 98 Danish municipalities (which are home to half of Denmark's population) ...

    - On-premise teaching will be allowed only for preschool classes and years 1-4 of primary school. Years 5-9 of primary school will have to revert to 100 % online teaching - the same goes for secondary and higher education.

    - Restaurants, cafés and bars must close. Only take-away and delivery services will be allowed.

    - Indoor sports and recreational facilities must close.

    - Public-sector workers in non-critical functions must work from home.

    Additionally, all national measures already in effect will apply until at least 28 February 2021.

  7. 9 minutes ago, horn said:

    Participants reported their own test results; mask use was not independently verified, and users may not have worn them correctly.

    And also, did they wash their hands before having meal? when return home? before touching their face/eyes/nose?

    That's one of the reasons why the main conclusion of the study is that further research is needed.

  8. Just now, runa said:

    That is such a weird system.......

    In Canada, federal elections are ruled by federal laws, while provincial elections are ruled by provincial laws. It means that for federal elections every province must apply the same rules and the same system. 

    I don't understand why in USA, every state can decide how they manage the vote. Seems very special to me. 

    In Denmark, all elections are governed by national laws.

    All citizens are automatically registered for general elections, and all permanent residents are automatically registered for local and regional elections.

    Mail-in votes are not allowed; you can only vote in person whether you vote early or on election day.

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