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  1. I'm really fed up with this place. From people thinking protesting is "stupid" just because we voted democratically (people have a fucking right to disagree with a decision whether enforced by the people or not, on BOTH sides) to criticizing people deeply saddened by the election telling them to "get over it and grow up" and now we have people being insensitive about fucking suicide. This forum had gone down hill man. This is fucking ridiculous.
  2. But how can we make America great again... by banning muslims and building a wall so the so called "rapists" can't have access to the states? Let's not forget the proposal to ban abortions and bring back STOP and frisk. But it's time to love America right? Woosh. So fucking sad
  3. Proof of this? and you hate Obama, nobody cares. He still got two terms so maybe, just maybe, you didn't hate him enough.
  4. Obamas nightmare? What exactly did he do so bad again? Are you insinuating that he or Hilary caused those above events or..? what are you guys smoking?
  5. I agree with this, but I didn't get that from skins post that he was trying to generalize white people. I for one hate when people say "I hate white people" "white people are trash" it's like insensitive
  6. This is such a serious overreaction. I didn't get that he was attacking whites in his post at all. He was telling the truth. You're white. It's impossible for you to understand what he's saying.
  7. What are you offering to the discussion? Nothing. So pressed to show its not him. The other police officer was found to be a proud racist as well..PROVEN..so you gonna refute that too?
  8. You're only posts in this thread is to make sure everyone knows that's not the guy.....
  9. Some of the demos are great, but I appreciate the album.
  10. Can we talk about this gem???? This song makes me so happy, I'm revisiting it and damn I like it even more that I did back when it was first released! It faced a lot of negativity because of the production change but it will always hold a special place in my heart
  11. All the celebrities at this one <3
  12. I wish i could have gone, Madonna always comes here and I never go :/
  13. Yeah, I don't want Madonna to tour after this either. If she does, I'd love if she did small venues, without the worry of selling out or providing a spectacle. Sort of like when she promoted American life.
  14. BA with confessions being a close second
  15. Turn to stone Lose my faith I'll be gone before it happens For some reason, that really hits me hard
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