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  1. 1 hour ago, Katypatra said:

    Every day this week corresponds with the same day of the whole year before last Sunday’s Rosh Hashana. So for example, today is Friday, so today everyone has a chance to correct their tikkun from all of the Fridays of the past year. This lasts until next Wednesday.

    Madonna is not going to reveal anything until all of this is over. She is doing a lot of studying, praying and meditating right now. She might post some things on Instagram here and there, but it won’t be anything of substance by the end of next week, after Yom Kippur. 

    Then it’ll be a whole new year! A new start! A new era! It is basically a new year in the Kabbalostic calendar. Expect Madonna to get busy with work! 

    Girl Bye

    shes drinking rose on snapchat with the twins

  2. On 8/26/2018 at 9:22 PM, Kurt420 said:

    Soooo.....for like 5 yrs people have been saying they want a different look from her....like something REALLY different. She actually gives us something truly different than we've ever seen from her and now we want glamorous/sexy Madonna back again? Smh

    At the VMA's, she looked like a cross between that early years pic of her with the hat and braids posted on the previous page and Boy George circa that same era...lol....I loved seeing her in something completely left field. I've actually been loving the progression of her wardrobe this past year or so. Love all the colors and "flowy" dresses. I don't necessarily think this will be her look for the new album but based on pics we've seen the past year and especially her birthday pics, I do think something like this could work. 

    Its not really different , same hair

    its just a morrocan costume

    we want a proper new look

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