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  1. I hope no Mert and Marcus, Another sexy madonna dominatrix look is too boring
  2. So her kids decide if they like the music or not , lets hope the twins have better taste than rocco
  3. Until 2009 when she left warner and the music has not been on par....
  4. She has not had a re-invention since COADF Even hard Candy the boxing theme was not that strong, No official video even had it as a theme just an interlude at the tour
  5. I think the Brits are banned due to kabalah rules
  6. She doesn;t need a new demographic, She just needs to reconnect with people that love her
  7. LAP was Patrick Leonard, Music was also 80% Mirways She works best when she has a cohesive vision
  8. After everyone and their mother have already launched a makeup line
  9. There is something joyfull and authentic about this track that rebel heart lacked
  10. Just the cover because of the leaks, the album still came much later
  11. RH was shot in december and thhe album came out in april, same timeline
  12. If she comes with another trend chasing urban record... I dont even know what to think
  13. Jonas needs a BIG budget! otherwise we get madonna dancing in front of a set. i do think she shoukd look for new directors though
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