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  1. Will she release the video on TickTock app?
  2. Yes and Madonna will join a thats so 80s tour with cindy and roxette....
  3. Hung up and 4 Minutes were great videos, stop rewriting the history 4 minutes became the biggest youtube video at the time before it got deleted
  4. If its good quality it will sell we have been waiting for M to be back with a banger for over a decade
  5. Im having a very good feeling about this release... She seems that shes doing the thing what she wants
  6. All these songs are quite sexual, she better look fit and good
  7. Please, without coadf she wouldnt even be touring liek she does nowadays, it was her last true reinvention lets hope the one follows this path
  8. Two subpar singles wont work. We need one big track
  9. Was Kelly the inspiration for the confessions era??
  10. Its is her bathroom so either its a fitting or she may just be going out
  11. Hmm I wonder if there is some brand invovled in this, anitta has a lot of sponsors
  12. I dont know what to expect but if we get an album of champanges roses feat anitta I have no idea who would buy it
  13. Photoshoot have multiple dresses and sets. This is just a scrapped set
  14. Half of these are messes or inrelevant for her music careeer
  15. It just looks like a bad instagram filter.... And its so pixelated!!! I
  16. LFL is super boring, you can barely see her beneath the pixels and the white lighr... so was GTown...very generic... BIM was the best from that era GMAYL was ok but it didnt have a story.... GGW was good and she looked great. I really miss a video where she takes us on a journey, the last one was 4 Min
  17. The reason why RH leaked was because collectors had the whole album as it was being recorded and they found out who was the hacker and that bridge got closet. Now that the person is out collectors dont have the same wccess as before. As you can see even outtakes are not leaking anymore
  18. She pretty much confirmed her new tour ! i think the tour will start earlier , possible june
  19. Will this be the first era ariane is not the stylist? She is working woth tarantino in LA
  20. They are great for fashion magazines but their pics rarely tell a story, and they are minimal in the sets/backdrops
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