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  1. 43 minutes ago, loowee said:

    Which will obviously not be the case for the next tour. She has completely alienated the right wing of the country and it’s not like RHT was selling exceptionally well in liberal major cities either. The US market has never been so hiphop-centric before so her charting power is only going to further diminish there. 4 minutes couldn’t even reach top 10 on US radio ffs and we all know HC was an attempt to revive her US power, and it didn’t happen. 

    There’s just no point in focusing on the US anymore because we all know she still has some potential (as a current pop artist, not some veteran touring act) left in EU/SA, and even Asia/Oz. If she can deliver an amazing lead single and kill that Eurovision performance, that will definitely give M’s career a big boost in terms of current popularity. 

    Wrong. Im sorry she was never a right wing favorite so those people wouldnt go see Madonna anyway, and the ones who would have seen her in past tours.

    RH wasnt selling as well as other tours (due to her own late starts and all stuff we already discussed) but still was almost half of the total grossing and where LN has the most power and has contracts with arenas , making the operation much easier instead of dealing with a promoter. Also the fact that the stage can travel by truck instead of planes, theres a lot of logistic advantages that touring the US has. + the fact that she charges per seat and is able to do those vip packages.

    In terms for charts I agree but her objective is to sell the tour always. So people need to see her in their homes again.

  2. 5 minutes ago, eroticerotic said:

    Duality was always part of her gig though,

    The name Madonna, Like A Virgin (Virgin/Whore)

    Her videos frequently had two or more versions of herself, usually opposite of each another in some way. 

    I think the difference now is that back in the day it was natural; she's more aware of the early version of her brand and I think it became noticeable during Hard Candy thru today.


    I agree but Im not talking about herself as a person or artist, but more to the songs itself on these albums.

    I felt they were divided in “Fun” and “Mature/real songs”. And she’s the best when she does both at the same time.

  3. 4 minutes ago, RebelMe said:

    now I know why there are so much toxic things going on here

    What does having a song with Anitta has to do with anything she fights for? I appreciate Anitta for what she does individually.

    But the collab only works if the Music good and thats what I need from Madonna.

  4. 1 minute ago, RebelMe said:

    The song is not even out and all I read is complaining. You guys should stop being so negative. Sometimes I think some fans only like Madonna for her music, but never learned from what she always says and fight for. I particularly don't like Anitta, but a Brazilian artist getting recognition, showing that South America is more than the latin influences, is fucking great and we should appreciate it. 


    Sorry but we like Madonna for her music.

  5. 2 minutes ago, johnpaul911 said:

    Why is it that when i see an article about mariahs,janets, and other female artists i see decent photos of the artist. When its madonnas they exclaim her age and show a bad pic of her.. ugh. They proclaim being happy with her releasing a record soon but the overall take is shes old. It really bugs me.. sorry to go off topic!! Id just like to see an article that does her justice.

    Honestly because M is much more photgrapher than those bitches who only go out with heavy makeup and red carpet ready

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