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  1. I dont think so she took her whole family and friends to take pics too
  2. Tbhis was clearly the album shoot , the nails are also there and the hair is the same from the cover
  3. I kind of see that, but dont think its just them but more of the fact that its all her same team behind the scenes
  4. I was actually thinking that since HC her photoshoots sets for the album havent been that creative and basically have been M looking hot in front of a white/gray background coadf did have multiple nice sets with the mirrors and the disco rooms... music aswell. mert and Markus are great beauty photographers but i wish she worked with someone more conceptual (like klein but new)
  5. I think we have seen this pic already
  6. Candy Shop (My sugar is Nata remix)
  7. Its said that Meisel doesnt really shoot his own stuff anymore and their last collaboration LV 2009 was one of the worst shoots ever. I dont think they have anything more to offer together. i wish she would try someone new tough, i think Luigi and Diango are the most likely candidate
  8. Oh True it was Ghosttown, i mistook it
  9. Remember when Living for Love premiered in some app that doesnt even exist anymore
  10. I Like mert marcus for photoshoots/magazines but album artwork they are not very conceptual besides Madonna looking sexy
  11. I have a bad feeling from this guy, did he just come on board for mdna skin? Her dermatologist was that woman who looked like her beforehand I remember
  12. Most of her “world” influences on her last albums ended up most prominent during the Tour and one or two tracks on the albums...
  13. But the news about the film have been rather slow, not even a cast announcement
  14. My guess is photoshoot in november and a Q1 2019 release followed straight up by a tour , and film work will start in Q1 2020
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