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  1. I know several people who said they “just didn’t like Hillary” back in 2016 who are struggling with deep guilt over the current state of America.  They realize that they are complicit, even in a small way, for what we are now dealing with.  Because this honestly isn’t a surprise. The fact that people painted a false equivalency between the 2016 options was nonsense to begin with, but I have been genuinely  surprised that many people have acknowledged  their foolishness. One person told me he will actually feel guilty for the rest of his life.

  2. 22 hours ago, svperstar said:

    Madame X is a career highlight. This is not negotiable.

    One of the best albums of her career. I’ve been playing it regularly this month. I can always tell a year in, when the newness has worn off. If I’m still listening a year in, I’ll be listening always.

    Extreme Occident is such a haunting song.

  3. I often feel like I’m at the point where nothing surprises me anymore. However, I am absolutely flabbergasted at 1. the idiotic protests in the United States, with people throwing safety cautions to the wind; and 2. states such as Georgia planning to reopen this week. Do people not realize the absolute devastation that will result from this?

  4. 9 hours ago, rocknrolla said:

    I have come to realize that everything I like about Madonna can be found in this one album. 

    Same here.

    I found the same to be true with Rebel Heart, but that album plays like a nice mix tape for me. Madame X has the added bonus of being a thematic album that seems anchored to its sequencing, and thus amongst my all time favorites.

  5. 4 hours ago, jamesshot said:

    Even people in lock downs are not heeding the advice. Plenty are still going out. We'll never be able to prove how bad things would have been had it not been for the lock down. Most people here in the US did not take this seriously until about maybe 2 weeks ago. Maybe. I'd say they didn't start taking it seriously until last week.

    Even still, many are not taking it seriously, and there is an attitude of “This is America, and I won’t be told to stay in.” It’s very upsetting. There’s also complete lack of understanding about this virus. As soon as one state has a relatively “good” day in terms of one statistic or another, I see people commenting things like “we should be back to normal soon.” Or people posting the number of recoveries, as though that is relevant to the scope of this virus’s damage. Sadly, I think that in the United States, we probably will open back up far too soon and see devastating consequences.

  6. What concerns me is how many people can’t comprehend how dangerous and fast this virus is.  Words like “peak deaths” and “active cases” have some people thinking this about to wrap up. I’ve seen people post things like “oh it’s about to hit peak number of fatalities so we should be back to normal in a couple of weeks.”  Or if active cases go down for a day, they think the problem is solved. People can’t grasp that this is going to last for a long time.


  7. From a psychological standpoint, I’m curious how people will behave if/once some semblance of longterm normalcy returns. Specifically, I am wondering if people will be more likely to cling to established routines, to cherish stability and appreciate their home and job. Or will more people think “hell, I’m going to move like I’ve always wanted to” or “I’ve never liked my job, so why not switch jobs? Life is short!”

  8. I think many are simply not comprehending how long the social distancing is going to need to last in the USA. I’m not speaking of people on this forum, but in general. Many expect that things will start going back to normal by mid April, and that’s unlikely according to reputable sources like The Atlantic and most health experts who are interviewed.

  9. On 8/28/2019 at 9:59 AM, BillyBongo said:

    I gave it an 8/10 on Madonna Infinity forum, but 2 months down the line, it’s more a 5/10. I love that she’s trying so many different things, I love experimental music, I ADORE that she’s working with people from Cape Verde, one of my most favourite places in the world....but it’s just wall to wall autotune, there’s hardly any let up. There’s literally only one time I can hear in the album where she sounds raw and real, and that’s a single line in Crazy. I’m not saying that she should still have her Evita/Ray of Light vocals after so many years performing but does her voice really need so much treatment? I’m not being a snob, I actually think it works really well on The Nutcracker segment of Dark Ballet. But the rest sounds like it’s run through the computer for the sake of it

    I disagree with this.  Her voice sounds very natural to me on Crave, Extreme Occident, Looking For Mercy, and much of Crazy.  The effects on I Don’t Search I Find and I Rise are minimal. I hear her Evita/ROL voice on Killers Who Are Partying.

    I respect your analyses, but do not agree with it.

  10. Madame X is easily one of my favorite Madonna albums of all time.  I’ve just been enjoying it all summer, not really concerning myself with what other people think, although I like popping in here and reading the nice comments from fans.  Every single song on it appeals to me, with personal favorites including God Control, Killers Who Are Partying, Crave, Crazy, Extreme Occident, I Don’t Search I Find, and Looking For Mercy.

  11. It’s funny because I was one of the few who disliked Bitch I’m Madonna and wrongly assumed I’d feel the same about Bitch I’m Loca when I saw the title.  However, I love it and listen to it all the time!  I think it’s a great bop that sets the stage for the amazing final stretch of the album.

    That having been said, I also love Faz.

  12. 49 minutes ago, rocknrolla said:

    That's weird I don't notice anything in come alive really.   

    For me, she sounds very unnatural in extreme occident, whatever is going on.

    I feel as though we are listening to different songs.  Her voice sounds completely natural to me on this song, with the exception of autotune used on the word “lost” a couple of times.

    When she sings “I wasn’t lost, believe me,” she sounds very Evita voice, as she does on Killers Who Are Partying.


  13. Another masterpiece.  So grateful being alive to see this much high quality product in 2019 from an artist I’ve followed for decades!

    A beautifully produced, moving video that captures the spirit of the song.  I’m glad that Madonna gave the visual spotlight to a couple of the more experimental songs.  Some of her best video work ever has come out of Madame X.

    She looks sensational in Batuka, but more importantly, she appears joyful and touched.  She is an an artist creating for the sake of creativity and not for the charts.

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