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  1. mariah wil get another top 10 hit tomorow. who knows. it might even get to the top 5. its performing better then emancipations's lead single its like that. mariah annonced on twitter that the album is complete. which means now she will fully promote the single.

    CAN WE BAN THIS PERSON? It's conspiracy.

  2. I am very pleased that Human Nature did not make the list :):) :) Also have always found Rain to be boring!

    My top 5 songs she missed would be:

    1. American Life - I actually really do like this song a LOT. Very innovative and different.

    2. You Must Love Me

    3. Drowned World

    4. The Power of Goodbye

    5. Deeper and Deeper - a true classic.

    The last two are the real missed!

  3. Tell me about. I live in Slovenia and what pisses me the most is they should have canceled the show a month earlier and I could at least have gonna to Udine witch is and 2 hour drive from Ljubljana.

    McKay, how do you pronounce the name of your capital city? Lyoob lya na?

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