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  1. On 5/31/2019 at 4:22 PM, rocknrolla said:

    I do believe single choice does make a difference.  DAD was played alot but American Life was not, just a few months later.

    Of course now, I dont think it would matter, at 60.  On the flip side, there really are only so many spaces on radio.  If they were still playing Donna summer in the 80s, would an Italian girl named Madonna have been able to break through?


    If M decided to release original AL mv, her career could’ve ended. It was a very serious time. I’m glad she made the right choice. 

  2. 3 hours ago, horn said:

    The woman was right about one thing: Madonna was singing while walking down the stairs i.e. trying to watch the steps while catching her breath.

    And also, I suspect it's either M didn't warm up her vocal before the performance or she had been rehearsing for too many times and hurt her vocal.

    Didn't everyone say she's not a singer since day one?  

    She & her fans have NEVER bragged about her octave or having an amazing voice whatever shit in the first place.

    So why criticized her vocal? She's not Pariah or Shitney.

    Anyway it's still better than her 1997 VMA / 2005 Live 8 ROL last screeching note (end of the ROL song) which was total out of tune.


    You said it right there sister! Can everyone please move on?

  3. 5 hours ago, Msig said:

    No.. Danish music magazine Gaffa is now reporting that Madonna is trying to cover up her Eurovision "failure" by uploading a 'fixed' version of the performance on her YouTube channel.

    They also ask their readers a question: What is more embarrassing – admitting that you sang off key on live television or trying to make it sound like it never happened?

    Wow! They just can’t wait for M to fail, huh?

  4. 9 minutes ago, lautert said:

    Of course I'm taking in charge these elements, but even so, there were stairs at the super bowl as well. She has done a lot of difficult things. If the stairs and the eyepatch is the reason for her being static, which I doubt, then remove it from the performance. 

    And I'm not hating on her, I still enjoy the performance, but it's undeniable that she is slowing down a lot her performances, which make me think how is it going to be this new tour. 

    Didn't M almost fall during SuperBowl? Then she fell for real during Brit awards! 

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