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  1. 1 hour ago, Mensch said:

    I do believe the “think outside the box” stuff that was mentioned to me is starting to make sense in this context...she’s not chasing radio or releasing singles in the typical ways...or releasing videos that necessarily are singles...she’s just unleashing a plethora of fresh, forward thinking art and we’re all just gonna have to deal! 

    Cant wait for Pride!!! I’m gonna be on the Stonewall Float! 

    We’ve got 3 MVs before the album even comes out. We don’t deserve her!

  2. 1 hour ago, Nikki said:

    The user GONE on madonnainfinity says she’s just performing 3 or 4 songs.. which got reactions saying she’ll probably get hated on again for playing such a short set. Isnt anyone else also playing that day? I didnt know playing pride was similar to playing a festival where you do a real big set?

    Dont madonna and her advisers know anything? Surely if it’s expected a performer plays a long set, she should take notice of that. Im seriously tired of the constant negativity yet well intent.

    Haters will hate her regardless how many songs she performs. Candy Shop is definitely a summer anthem this year!

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