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  1. 2 hours ago, Lolasmommy said:


    if this was the 80’s/90’s - the videos for Medellin, Dark Ballet, GC, Batuka would have been acclaimed as masterpieces by now and been nominated/won countless awards.

    I hope God have eyes!! 6 videos so far. Again, we don’t deserve her majesty!

  2. 5 hours ago, alquemist said:
    Out of all the albums that you have produced for M, which song do you prefer?
    Difficult to say. I like almost all of them. I really like “Don’t Tell Me” for it’s inventiveness in electro folk, “Nobody’s perfect” for having brought autotuning to the masses, well before rap; “American Life” as it’s really sincere & I like the fact its unusual style. Die Another day is a truly innovative piece as a James Bond theme song & “God Control” because I feel that with this we invented the concept of “Disco Protest Song”,together,  am I wrong?

    Omg. Those are all my favorite tracks!

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