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  1. 2 hours ago, NorthernLad said:

    Me too. It's okay...but it's not fun like MedellÍn. The views on YouTube for  MedellÍn took off immediately are still climbing. I Rise has been no where successful in views yet.  She knows what she's doing and her first single was the appropriate choice.

    The release of I Rise wasn’t meant gain any views or charting. It was meant to keep her fans excited about what Madame X has in store. 

  2. 22 minutes ago, vertigokane said:

    To that end, “Crave” with Swae Lee will become the de facto pop radio single upon its release, with an official music video to soon follow. Meanwhile, “Medellín” -- which received a global television launch across Viacom networks in April -- will continue being pushed in Latin markets. The decision to lead with “Medellín” instead of “Crave” came down to the belief that it was “the signature track to the body of work, and the right place to start telling the story,” says Thompson.


    So Crave must be good cuz it was considered as a lead single. One more week!

  3. 9 hours ago, Bill said:

    I've been really depressed by chart performance so far.  I never want to get my hopes up anymore but it's baffling that this catchy song isn't even in the Hot 100 on Billboard or being played on the radio at all.  It's genuinely heartbreaking for me because I see how much work she's put into this.  I hope this performance makes a difference, but I see the bump on iTunes for all the other songs that were performed and most are much higher than Medellin.  Still hanging on to the hope that it catches on against all odds.  I hate to be negative, just a little sad this morning after that spectacular performance... I expected to see top 10 on iTunes at least.

    Bill, at least she charts somewhere else besides Top 100. She just got 3 #1s on Latin charts. Next month she’ll get her album debut on BB200. Medellín is still climbing on Dance Club Songs chart to be her 47th #1! 

    M can’t beat TS, Ariana or even BTS anymore. We’ll just have to accept the fact and move on. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Butter9 said:

    Really ? I remembered that she posted a photo on instagram with the quote " Oh Well " . 

    I think it was the Empire soundtrack and not Lionel Richie ( for the us BB 200 Chart ) . Sorry for the mistake .

    From Wiki

    Rebel Heart peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 and the UK Albums Chart.

    It was The Empire soundtrack. It had more SEA than Rebel Heart. Like Holidayguy mentioned, it topped the Top Album Sales chart instead. I remembered Guy O. tweeted something about it. 

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