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  1. 22 hours ago, Butter9 said:

    Both cases were awful . I didn't know it could happen until it happened to me . It was odd feeling .

    The bad news is it is super contagious . The good news is that it can be treated and cured . We had a case in Thailand recently when a elderly man and woman traveled to Hokkaido , Japan . Came back . Got sick and went to hospital but lied to the doctors and nurses about their travel history . They infected their nephew who then went to school unknowingly for a full day . His whole class is now under quarantine .Their son who works in a bank also went to work but he's not infected but everybody in the bank is now in quarantine . And that was just from two people .

    So you know it's spreading faster than SARS but not as  deadly but no we are not at the brink of WW3 with no food or the world will be like World War Z .


    I knew it! This kinda shit only happens in Thailand. I'm not sure why they had to travel when there's a warning. This guy and his wife should be put in jail!

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