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  1. 7 hours ago, Danmacevents said:

    The ray of light image on her Instagram. Do we think she's just playing. 


    4 hours ago, Flip The Switch said:

    I’d die if she performs ‘Ray of Light’. :dramatic:


    This is the song I wanted her to do all along! :cries:

    Even a little snippet would sufice for me!



  2. 4 hours ago, metalissimo said:

    I don't think there will be second leg with stadium or arena venues. 

    With European shows which will be only 3 cities London, Paris, and Lisbon, General public (not Madonna fans), who don't live in those 3 cities, most likely are not willing to travel to those 3 cities just for attending the shows because they will have to pay for travel expense, hotel etc. 

    I am wondering if Madame X tour will be lucrative in Europe. 

    We still don't know what is she doing in December...

  3. Just now, karbatal said:

    Who fought against ENGLAND

    Hahahaha. Guess who also fought against England? The United States and the list goes on and on. That’s just stupid. It’s like History and context don’t matter anymore 

  4. 2 minutes ago, luizotaviobarros said:

    Given how little time she’s had to rehearse and being the perfectionist that she is, I’m relieved she’s going to do a rehash of the metgala, which she must’ve rehearsed to death. Plus Future, of course. 

    The metgala got almost unanimous praise, but for the GP it was a non-event, wasn’t it? So imagine that, on a larger stage, watched by 200m people!!!


    I can see everyone wetting their pants when they hear the bells and a hooded figure starts singing "Life is a mistery"...

    The goosebumps! :wow:

  5. 3 hours ago, Foolio said:

    Madame X is a warrior? A knight in an armour? Not the getup I expected. This is going to be grand.


    3 hours ago, Ladyplus said:

    a crusader obviously

    Madame X is a Saint! She already said that.

  6. 18 minutes ago, alcermag said:


    Which are the songs are you most excited to hear? I can't wait to hear Extreme Occident (the snippets of that song are awesome and i haven't heard the full song and i know it's my fav now), dark ballet, god control and killers who are partying

    God Control, Batuka and Faz Gostoso!

  7. If she has 12-15 min my bet is Like a Prayer, Dark Ballet and Future. She's transporting stairs and an elevator so I assume she will make an improved version of the MET Gala. 

    If it's only 2 songs than we already know it's Like a Prayer and Future.

  8. 11 hours ago, Alex40 said:

    Hello everybody!

    Yesterday night, Nana Mouskouri was invited in the French talk show Quotidien, and said Jean-Paul Gaultier created the jacket she was wearing, even if he was very busy with Madonna’s outfit for Eurovision. 

    So don’t worry, she’s 100% doing it! Confirmation in a few days I guess!

    (Sorry for my English!)

    Ooooohhhhhhh! Thanks!

  9. 2 hours ago, luizotaviobarros said:

    But did you guys notice that so far M has co-produced each and every song?

    This might explain why these tracks sound so fresh and so different. It feels like, I don’t know, they give you space to breathe. 

    But that has been the case for years! 

  10. 13 hours ago, Wunderkind said:

    The rollout of this era is absolutely perfect. They are finally using modern media the right way. Week after week we get new music, visuals, interviews. Madame X is shaping up to be one of the best things ever. And the music is living up to all of it. More than 35 years into her career she still delivers so much greatness. What an awesome time to witness. 

    Absolutely every single word of this!

    38 minutes ago, ketchup said:

    Doesn’t it seem like the theme she’s been building has just gone away in effort to have a mainstream hit? I don’t see “Madame X” in this at all. Even the cover art looks a bit slapped together when everything else up to this point has been extremely well art directed. 

    I do think the song is good and catchy but it leaves me feeling a bit empty. Medellin took me someplace other than the top 40 which is all I’m really getting from this song. There’s nothing inherently wrong with doing something mainstream, but that’s not how she was setting this era up. Just feels kinda meh. Hoping there’s more interesting stuff on the album. 

    No!!!! The X is all over her in the preview of the video. The lightings of the columns make an X on the spot she's standing and when she's layed down there's an X above her too!

  11. I have to say it's very different than what I was expecting from reading the reviews! At my first listening I was thinking "this is strange" - which should be the feeling you have at listening a new Madonna song!

    By the second listening my whole body was already craving for Crave! It's delicious, infectous, vulnerable and sexy!

    My favorite part is her voice! There are times she sounds exactly like 80's Madonna, I just could not believe! 

    Her voice in this song melts my heart and she just proved yet again why she's the Queen of my life! 

    I give a 10/10

    BTW Madonna just realesed her 2 best songs this decade with Medellín and Crave. That's saying a lot and I mean it!

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