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    I think the "SEX" segment will include:

    SEX [video interlude]

    Holy Water/Vogue (perf with pole dancing nuns. Or perhaps pole dancing nuns will be on stage whilst SEX video is on)

    Justify my Love (mashup with "Whole Lotta Love" on guitar)

    Don't forget Like a Virgin!

  2. I'm quite surprised by the negative response of a lot of fans to S.E.X. Especially after Madonna explaining the meaning of the song in an interview. That the song is like her critic to how people use sex nowadays, with the dating apps and people hooking up so easily and being more opened to the subject. It's almost like Madonna is contemplating what herself was partially responsible for: opening up people's minds about the subject.

    Should be a very interesting performance or backdrop. I look forward to it! :D

  3. the loudmouth in the teal? shirt makes me uncomfortable. she's one of those who doesn't seem to have an off button lol.

    It makes me laugh how there are people who still see it as "shock tactics" about it just being nuns on poles, and masturbation, "we've seen it all before" but apparently still haven't researched what the meaning behind that all is, or care to really, already jumping to conclusions instead of asking questions. sharon will just be another hater on a long list that will eat her words in the future once madonna's (and everyone else fighting the good fight) points are understood.

    Sex remains such a taboo for something so, natural and essential to our beings!! lol so stupid.


  4. I like teaser 1 but I loooove teaser 2.

    I wonder why is it a hidden video.

    By the way, I don't think the cage part is necessrily from Iconic, just like the nuns are not necessarily from Devil Pray.

    They are listed videos because they are a Rolling Stones exclusive.

    That's not why people assume the cage it's for Iconic, it's because of what Tyson said in his interview.

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