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  1. That's not true. In 2006 I saw the CT in Boston and all throughout the show the crowd was dead. Every one was just sitting in their chairs till a song came on thAt they recognized. Me and my friend kept singing and dancing all throughout and the str8 couples around us looked so annoyed by our enthusiasm.

    And? I don't go for her shows to see other people have fun. I couldn't care less.

  2. Because i didn't have that much fun being around a bunch of zombies... it got dead real fast... there's something to be said about shared energy live. Plus, I like a good flow in a concert, especially what she does after the opening number.

    You can always be the beacon of energy that starts the flow instead of staying still in your spot waiting for other people you don't know to do it and put the quality of your time with your idol in other people's hands. ;) I'm not being bitchy, just an idea :tigger:

  3. I find it interesting that people are picking Hard Candy and MDNA. How old are you and what did you think of Madonna before that era?

    I'm 22 now. Before Hard Candy I always thought Madonna as a BIG star, the biggest there is. I think it was kind of imprinted in my mind growing up in Brazil where the media treated her like a goddess or a Head of State (not so much now, I'm afraid).

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