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  1. The first time Madonnarama posts something about the tour this time around it's all a duplicate from News of Madonna:

    - Opens with Iconic and ends with Holiday

    - S.E.X., Candy Shop and Illuminati COULD be interludes

    - Hold Tight was rehearsed, but MAY have been replaced in the final setlist.

    - La Vie En Rose, Music and True Blue COULD be part of the Golden/Happy Twenties section.

    - La Isla Bonita, Who's That Girl and Dress You Up COULD be part of the Frida Kahlo section.

  2. I really hope Vogue is more than the (mimed ) rap

    I never get why she can't do the rap live it's just her speaking. Same as Erotica and JML on TGS. Surely it must be easier to speak.

    It's like Britney at the VMA's years ago with Nsync when she lipped "id like to introduce you to some friends of mine"

    Because she's already out of breath and it's harder to speak than singing out of breath.

  3. As an aside, I was looking for an elusive paparazzi pic of Madonna (ca. 2009, walking on the street/sidwalk) -- which I couldn't find -- but in the Google image search results, I found a photos of Paul in his underwear on stage during S&ST. The info about it said something along the lines of the dancers removed their robes during "Spanish Lesson" to reveal they were only wearing black underwear -- haha! I'm a flop fan -- I didn't hear/read about that, I guess -- or I didn't remember it. Not sure if that was S&ST or S&ST2.0 (that is, 2008 or 2009)... but anyway. Any super-fans of Paul may want to hunt down online photos/footage of the "Spanish Lesson" surprise. ;)

    That happened in Tel Aviv. I just dont remember which show. Also, Lola played the piano in DWRY and Rocco was with DJ Enferno.

  4. :lmao: You drove it hard

    No, is just that the point madmark raised on the previous page is Madonna's responsability of the crowd's reaction because she doesn't play hits. That was the point in discussion. My point is that I doubt an usually dead crowd would be any different if the song she's playing it's a hit or not (just watch Confessions Tour DVD hehe) and you should have fun on your own regardless. ;)

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