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  1. madonnatribe forum:

    Hey everybody icon_smile.gif

    I swear I was browsing YouTube on friday morning, and Madonna's private channel uploaded a workshop video of Holy Water + Vogue rehearsals ... And I can't find it anywhere since then. Looks like it was deleted right after ... ?! Am I the only one who watched it ? I've been talking about it to a friend, he said that I was lying/dreaming, but I can remember very clearly what it was like ...

    It was Holy Water chorus with heavy drums, and we could hear like "1,2,3" from Madonna (or the choreographer). The song was knocking sooo hard. Then, in place of the "don't you stand there" bridge of the original song, Vogue name-dropping bridge was right after ("Greta Garbo, and Monroe" etc), over Holy Water drums instrumental, with new synth adapted to the melody of Vogue. When the bridge was over, it was Vogue chorus over the Holy Water instrumental, once again with additional synths that suited perfectly Vogue. The whole song felt a little more upbeat than the original ...

    It was really early in the morning (5.30 AM european time on Friday). I checked a few hours later, and the url of the video in my mobile browser said "this video is no longer available" and the Devil Pray/LFL (Offer Nassim Drums) rehearsal was here. Was I daydreaming ?

    Well, I want this one today then!!!

  2. I can't stop playing the last workshop video. That LIB arrangements is getting me all sorts of wet :wow:

    Me too, chouchou! :wow:

    Well after she alienated people with the MDNA Tour setlist and the reputation she now has for ruin... sorry I mean REINVENTING her old classics then unfortunately that may increasingly become the case. But make no mistake, it's the 30 million that have bought TIC (and countless millions of other CASUAL FANS through the years) that have made MADONNA the global multi-million mega touring draw that she is. #truthhurts

    And no she doesn't want to continue playing to the 750K that bought RH because if that were the case then prepare for Madonna at the local 1,500 seater amphitheatre near you in 2020 and I doubt she wants that. So no.

    Anyway let's not go over this again..

    I agree, just pointing out what you said earlier.

    I bet if tickets were reasonable and she played all the hits she they probably would

    Yep. But not that I want her to.

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