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  1. Who else is staying strong during the snippet leaks? It's been pretty easy for me to resist the temptation to listen, I must say.

    11 more days... I'm listening to one album per day until MDNAhits. Started the countdown yesterday... today, it's Like a Virgin.


    The only songs I heard are GMAYL and GGW. It's not very hard for me too. I want to hear the whole song with my virgin ears AND ONLY ON THE 26TH.

  2. So the latest rumours in Brazil are saying the dates will be revealed on the second semester and she's gonna expand her field on latin america.

    Reports say Lima, Peru and Cordoba besides BA, Argentina.

    In Brazil six shows are in talking:

    2 in São Paulo - 4 and 5 december, Morumbi Stadium

    2 in Rio de Janeiro - probably after São Paulo, Parque dos Atletas where were the last Rock in Rio (it's pretty big, around 100-150 thousand people. Maracanã is out of schedule because of the reforms for the world cup. Gaga will be doing in the same place november)

    1 in Fortaleza - there's a big stadium over there(70,000)

    1 in Porto Alegre - 9 december, Beira-Rio Stadium(Paul Mccartney and others big artist already did. It seems tricky because of the reforms for the world cup, but sources say if don't work out she will be doing in another venue, another stadium or an arena most likely)

  3. Oh C'mon! Every time I enter in the forum I imagine what good things I'm going to read. But now I get depressed every damm time! Could you be more pessimistic? We're gonna get a NEW album we wait 4 YEARS! We wait so badly for this and when finally happens, 3 weeks from now, you act like this? She's given to us new singles with great videos and an incredible huge tour! I personally am happier than ever! I love all 3 songs till now and can't wait for the whole thing!

    PS: We didn't hear Gang Bang yet, but everybody says is amazing and innovative. I wonder it could not be a single right? Because of the lyrics?

  4. with all due respect, THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKK with the word "FLOP" AND "CAREER IS OVER" every damn time something new comes out. it's so dramatic. i have 12 (really, there's more) records by her and if i want 'ray of light' i'll play it. yknow what i'm saying. the effin album is called MDNA. c'mon now. dance, mother fuckers or maybe you're just over her? that's cool, but admit it to yourselves. meanwhile, i'll be enjoying this record regardless of chart numbers which will be just fine. don't worry you're little heads about it. she'll survive. that being said, i respect people predicting the end of her career. i've been a fan for a really long time and it's ALWAYSSSSSSSS the same thing. i think it's coz of you that she's still around.

    Marry me now.

  5. Yes but she can be close to that if she is inspired, look at Music, Hung Up, Frozen. All time classics that almost everyone enjoy. Those songs are timeless, and it's obvious that while GMAYL and GGW are good songs they won't last like her huge classics, and that's because these new songs aren't THAT good.

    Do you know that when Music came out almost all fans didn't like, right? And they said the exactly same thing "It's not gonna age well""It's not gonna be a classic".

    Times change people. I'm very happy Madonna changes as well. Imagine if she still lives in the 80's like Cindy Lauper or in the 90's like Mariah.

    She is in 10's with us, let's live now and enjoy the music!

  6. I'm sure once the video drops, everyone's going to be switching up their stories and proclaiming how great it is. :rolleyes: Because it IS pretty good. Unfortunately I can't listen to it LOUD enough, so it can really knock my socks off. I love Madonna and if you don't like the song, I feel bad for you.

    I L.U.V Y.O.U :inlove:

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