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  1. It's annoying when she is doing Southern Hemisphere shows, Brazil isn't getting snubbed again. Why not South Africa? And with her links to Malawi, parts of Africa? She's done just about everywhere so keep going to viable new places.

    I've been asking the same question too. South Africa is long overdue for two doses of M.

    Gags is going down there later this year. So M needs to upend her.

  2. Obviously, she's popular enough to sell more than 50,000 tickets for a show in one of Europe's poorest countries, with an average monthly gross salary of $ 385. :D Ticket sales are probably the best indicator of popularity in Ukraine, as Ukrainian music sales are completely dominated by pirate copies.

    How is Ukraine one of Europe's poorest countries? I thought it's as well-off as other Eastern countries like Romania and Bulgaria. :huh:

    Not many Western artists go to Ukraine. I think only Beyonce managed to perform there.

    Sorry for being off-topic here.

  3. I'm surprised she hasn't performed in Bilbao, she even went to Zaragoza and Valencia and Bilbao seems to be one of the key cities up north.

    I think M should go to San Sebastián and do a show at Estadio Anoeta. Lots of big acts have played there.

    I'm surprised that she hasn't played at Camp Nou, which is the gradest stadium in all of Barcelona.

    2. Madonna recognizes that MDNA is a flop (relatively speaking) and would rather end the tour as planned, start work on a new album shortly thereafter and perhaps include Australia on the next tour.

    I remember when American Life flopped, Madonna toured that record and then two months after that tour finished, she was in the studio working on Confessions. Maybe she thinks that 2015-16 is too long to be missing from the public eye after such a disappointment.

    I don't see why M can't just tour for two straight years. A lot of legendary acts have toured for at least two years on the backs of flop albums.

  4. Last week, everything was still on (the exact dates are irrelevant now, but they spanned from Brisbane on January 9th to Perth on January 22nd, with two shows in each of four cities, which fits in with what Madonntribe were saying).

    Just for my own curiousity, Carta.

    Which cities and venues had been tapped for M's now-cancelled Aussie tour?

    Was she supposed to go to Adelaide?

    Was she booked for ANZ Stadium or Sydney Football Stadium in Sydney?

    Was she booked for Suncorp Stadium or Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre in Brisbane?

    Was she booked for Eithad Stadium in Melbourne?

    Was she booked for Patersons Stadium or nib Stadium in Perth?

    Can you tell us for sure?

  5. I just saw this on tumblr: If you recall, Madonna rehearsed Love Spent in Copenhagen because she had something special planned for Paris. It’s now confirmed that the show in Paris tonight will be filmed!

    Awwww. :( I was hoping that the official DVD for this tour be filmed in North America, in New York, Los Angeles, or Toronto.

    If I recall correctly, the only concert DVD she ever filmed in North America was for the DWT.

  6. I don't doubt that she can, Denmark is so small it's no problem to get there but it's a dead place, there's nothing to do before or after the show and if it ends too late and you came by train... well you're fucked. at least in Horsens I could stay at my mum's place. here's hoping! (or Malmø)

    Well, there's a new 15.000-capacity arena that's going to be built in Copenhagan. Hopefully, it will get built once Madonna does her next big tour. So M won't have to go all the way to Horsens, Malmo, Herning, or Aarhus.

    But I don't know when (or if) this new arena will get built. Maybe some Danes here know better?

  7. Technically, M could tour Thailand/Philippines/Malaysia/Taiwan/Singapore in early 2013. Right after Australia.

    However, I'm thinking that she might want to rest up after hitting Down Under. As a result, she might tour Asia in April/May/June.

    Is the Southeast Asian weather different during April/May/June than during January/February/March?

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