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  1. The Guardian must post about 4 articles a day about Madonna, hers one of todays :lmao:

    Bare-arsed, bold, glorious Madonna – light years away from acting her age

    Myf Warhurst

    Now that we’ve calmed down after Kanye’s tanty over Beck winning best album at the Grammys, I think we can safely agree that although Kanye might have some valid points, until he holds his own personal awards ceremony he is not in a position to decide who gets what gong. End of.

    All this kerfuffle has distracted us from something else that happens each year at the Grammys: the relentless and constant age-shaming of Madonna. It’s become some sort of sport.

    Madge turned up to the ceremony in her usual garb, ie something tight, excruciatingly short and topped off with a pair of unwearable shoes. No real surprises there. Although I did enjoy the Napoleon-slash-Spanish matador vibe of her whole ensemble. She flounced about in her now de rigueur corsetry with boobs proudly on show, legs encased in saucy fishnets. On first glance, most people thought “Nice hat” and went back to their lives.

    Then she flashed her backside. At the paparazzi. Who deserve it just as much as that degrading manicam box into which celebs are forced to shove their hands to have their cuticles filmed up close. Moon them both, I say.

    Of course, Madonna’s rear wasn’t encased in a comfortable pair of sensible control-top cottontail undies like most women of most ages would wear. Her backside was bare, encased only by some sort of sporty jock strap that worked as a cheek hammock (where can I get one? The lift was extraordinary). Glorious Madge. Glorious 50-something-year-old Madge. Who refuses to put it away.

    Cue the naysayers on socials saying Madonna should act her age. These normally rational people, who clearly all now hold a university degree in sitting on their own backsides and having opinions of 140 characters or less, were deeply concerned that Madge really needs a friend right now who’ll be honest and tell her the truth about her clothing choices. Others worried for her children. Some stated that she has more arse than class.

    To think an older person wearing revealing clothes can still get folk in a lather, yet when Taylor Swift at the age of 25 turns up dressing like a 45-year-old movie star no one bats an eye! And that is so sad. Why should anyone be told to act their age when it comes to getting dressed? And as an aside, what on earth does acting your age really mean in this context? I assume the answer is covering it all up. And as Tay would say: shake it off.

    I attended a product launch years ago that was hosted by an octogenarian artist who has a history of pulling practical jokes and pranks. Once her speech was done she then proceeded to pour the champagne all over the place, including on herself, then hoik her skirt up to flash her undies too. It was both shocking and joyful.

    This moment always serves as a reminder that I wasn’t used to people over a certain age enjoying themselves, their bodies, and just generally mucking about with societal norms. It also showed me what a terrible bunch of conservatives we’ve become. Self-expression is not only for the young.

    Telling Madonna what you think she can and can’t wear at her age has a hint of the Kanyes about it. And if we all agree that Yeezus doesn’t have that right to tell someone else who deserves to win, nor do we have the right to tell someone over a certain vintage to dress their age. Isn’t it the same?

  2. GREAT review of the latest tracks from the biggest urban music site COMPLEX


    Madonna Is The OG Queen Of This Pop Sh*t

    Today Madonna dropped off two heat rocks, reminding us all that she is the OG Queen of this pop thing, the MJ of this shit, whichever one: Jordan or Jackson. One features Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson ("Iconic"), and the other features Nas ("Veni Vidi Vici"). Back in December she let loose "Bitch I'm Madonna" featuring her heir to the pop throne, Nicki Minaj, and the Diplo-assisted "Living for Love." And I must say, she's back like she never left.

    "Iconic" and "Living for Love" feature hard-hitting dance beats. They'll make you want to go hammer with some glow sticks and tongue a stranger down on the dance floor. "Bitch I'm Madonna" and "Veni Vidi Vici" are more of the traditional pop variety one would hear on a Top 40 station, a tactic that she's perfected. Nicki, Chance, and Nas spit nothing but fire on their respective features. It's dope that she has rappers on her upcoming project because it's a show of respect to a genre that, over the course of her career, has gone from a "fad" to the driving force in popular culture.

    Never one to shy away from controversy, Madge found herself in one with her Rebel Heart online marketing campaign. She replicated her album cover by placing the various "rebel" faces of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Marley, and Jesus Christ in bondage or whatever you want to call it. I'm still trying to figure out the point of that album art. She tried to compare herself to those icons and then she apologized for doing so. This made me skeptical of the whole project at first. The aforementioned online campaign was sketchy at best, and she's also 56 now and hasn't made a great album in nine years, which made it feel forced (don't hate on my opinion!). But I digress.


    Once upon a time my friends and I would get lit to various Madonna albums. Mind you, we were street kids from North Jersey. We're in our late 20s, early 30s now, and Madonna's music was just as familiar to us back then as say Wu-Tang's music. We would pregame to 2005's Confessions on a Dance Floor or a mix of her greatest hits with various drugs in our systems. Play drunk Twister with a group of pretty girls while listening to Madonna before you judge the kid. These new tracks remind me of those times. I'm writing this as "Sorry" plays, and I'm feeling froggy. I wish I had some 'shrooms or some acid, to be honest. Roc-A-Fella, Dipset, Max B, Madonna, piff, and Henny got the god through college in one piece, feel me?

    Accept no duplicates. Lady Gaga can't wash the Queen's throne. She's a hack at best, a shock jock. Not to say Madonna isn't, but she manages to come across as original while Gaga comes across as trying too hard—she's already washed up. The only ones who come close are Onika, Azealia Banks, Rihanna, and Beyonce. "Truffle Butter" samples the deep house cut "What They Say" by Maya Jane Coles, and Broke With Expensive Taste is a brilliant mixing of genres, something Madonna does very well. Rihanna is a hit-making machine, and Beyonce was born to perform. Madge birthed them all, and we must honor and respect that legacy. I'm expecting Rebel Heart to go platinum in like two weeks. "Bitch I'm Madonna" and "Living for Love" have a combined 5,253,598 Spotify streams.

    Let us all bow our heads because we are not worthy. I for one can't wait to turn up to Rebel Heart when it drops. Thugs fuck with poppy, dance bullshit sometimes too, lord. Only God can judge me. I'm going to play some 2Pac after this, though, for sure. I'm sounding kind of crazy, but fuck it, it's the truth. 'Pac used to fuck with Madonna, and so should you.

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