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  1. there are loads of night buses but wouldnt fancy getting one in wembley haha

    and gigs at wembley arent allowed to run past 11 i think so you'll be out well in time to catch the last tube, thats what i did when i saw the foo fighters they lay on extra transport when theres a big gig on anyways and fuck getting a hotel in or near wembley its a shithole, may aswell look for a cheap room in central london or north london which is the best part of london if you ask me :thumbsup:

  2. too bad for Open Your Heart once again being ignored :thumbsdown:

    but WOW for BORDERLINE :dramatic: to make it :thumbsup:

    that alone can make things better along so many lows like Britney, HU rock, recycled ROL and Music again, La Isla Live Earth and on and on :bruised:

    how do you know they are going to be lows you tart? obviously if she included the redneck stripper that will OF COURSE be an almighty low, but the rest, you have no idea.

  3. Vogue 1990 "C'mmmmmmon Voooooogue!!!! Let'ya bodiii moooooooove t'tha Musiiiiic hey hey HAYYYYY" (insert wild dancing)

    Vogue 2004 "Cahhhhman Voooooughhhhhhhhhhe (insert crow sound), lehht yah bahhhhhhdy mooooohhhhhhve to thhhhhe mhhhuuuusicccc, hhhhey heyy hhhhhhhhhhhheyy," (insert weird exorcist crawling backwards move)

    Vogue 2008 "Cm..cm...cm.....M..Madonnnna......l..l.letcha..letcha ...BODY Moooooooooooove to the.....

    tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock.........

    ::whispers: Voooooooooogue (insert vocoder)

    (Cut to 4 minutes).... Time is...time is waiting......

    ::whispers:: VOGUE!!

    Vogue 1990 ---the best version

    Vogue 2004 --amazing and different choreography , but...pre-recorded crow voice.

    Vogue 2006 -- doubt it will even be live lol. Just a mesh up of 4minutes, and other bleeps and sounds and it will be hip hop ish.

    jesus christ :lmao:

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