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  1. I'm completely calm but its hard to have a normal conversation here with all the OMG MADONNA GODDESS OF THE UNIVERSE foaming at the mouth in here. It USED to be the thinking fans board, now its overrun by people with no lives and weird madonna obsessions. I mean MADONNA IS THE BEST YAY is that really a valid thread?

    i doubt someone who has NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK on repeat can comment on people with no lives you dipshit :lmao:

  2. Not to start on a bitching tangent, but I really think she relies too much on these screen effects. Maybe this will teach her a lesson. The Girlie Show didn't have screens as part of the stage set, did it? Fuck, the checkered background of "Justify My Love" was enough to blow me out of the water. Sometimes less is more.

    yes but its not 1993 anymore.

  3. Well, I'm sure the show will be fun in person because its an M show, but I'm kinda disappointed with the stage. Its a typical pop concert stage (small catwalk + some big screen on the stage). The show doesn't seem very creative. We've seen a car on stage before (Music at the Grammy's). It seems like she took the easy route with this tour and just recycled her old ideas and ideas of other artists. The show should have been called R&R (Rehashed & Reused). I'm sure the show will be fun in person, but I expect a little more from Madonna.

    fucking hell you can tell how creative the show is from about 7 pictures from the opening 2 songs. you idiot.

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