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  1. http://www.virgin17.fr/Musique/Videos/EXCL...p-The-Beat-Goes

    not youtube but a professional recording from Nice. the best one yet...it looks amazing. someone else posted in the Nice thread so thank them.

    someone chucks something on the stage which she stops to chuck.. after signalling for her dancer to do it (she doesn't :lmao:) then she looks back (im assuming to see if its a bomb) then she fucks the words up in Beat Goes On, i love it when it fucks up :lmao:

  2. OHHHHH FUCKIN PLZ....stop defending her soul-less self centered shows,,,their so boringly predicatable....shitty ass song picks,same scripted dialog with the crowd,4 acts,political and kabbalh shit video interludes,songs being reworked' and the more than predictable friggin screen coming down over her and her dancers at the end with some pathetic ass phrase,,,"re-invent yourself" "have u confessed' and now "game over" its no SURPRISE OR WONDER she wasnt named one of the best live acts of alltime,,,,,

    this fucktard is clearly on his period :lmao:

    are you really thick as pig shit, i despise madonna and her shit shows yet i know every detail of every act of every tour of the last 10 years :lmao:

  3. People might be more responsive if she spoke more in the first place. :nocomment:

    why should she? shes there to perform her music that them boring cunts should appreciate, shes not their to have one on one conversations.

    whenever she does speak shes usually only telling the audience how shit they are :lmao: i cant stand them fucktards that stand there going this is the best night of my life you are all making me feel so amazing i can feel the love in the room blah blah... i think its hilarious how she says wake up or I'm fucking off home :lmao: only madonna would.

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