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  1. Madonna gets credit everywhere. Let's face it, Rebel Heart is just not Madonna worthy, let alone the useless Grammys.

    It's a bit all over the place. The mixing and engineering are off. The songs have different levels on each song, so as you play it one song is loud and the other is very low.

    I really have a feeling she was not going to release all those songs. Two weeks prior to leaks Guy Oseary tweeted out they were still looking for a producer. And that says to me that they were looking for someone to give it a cohesiveness that's absent.

    I love Rebel Heart. I still play it out but there were some mishaps.

    Oh Pud

    I love you

    But that post is just a mess!


  2. So did the LA Times:

    She's Madonna remember? Featuring some of her strongest tracks in 15 years, Madonna's "Rebel Heart" enlisted an A-list roster of producers and special guests, including the Grammy-nominated Diplo, West and Nicki Minaj. Despite featuring a familiar sort of bravado in singles such as "Bitch I'm Madonna," she was shut out for this year's Grammy nominations. But don't shed too many tears for an artist in Madonna's class as she wrote in her liner notes while quoting Michael Moore, "You can't stick your chin out and not expect to get punched."

    What liner notes is this from?
  3. It was incredible live.

    I have to say that in regards to how it made me feel I think this is my favourite tour. I literally sobbed my heart out when she sang True Blue. It shocked me. After what I've been going through with my ex it really hit me hard. Probably the most simple performance and yet it destroyed me!!!! She almost cried when she sang Rebel Heart. I could see for one moment it actually hit her how many people were there, repeating her message back to her. Completely glassy eyed.

  4. Does anyone think the leaked snippets online had anything to do with Madonna incorporating it into the song? I mean, since that part was from a demo, what would make her think to use it???? It just seems odd to me.

    It was in the vocal stems, plus that performance (the choreo and music) was meant for Deeper.the unreleased verses fit more into the music than the spoken ones on the album version.
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