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  1. If you are to go by the actual definition, then the clear answer (besides ToD) is Body of Evidence.

    "Have you ever seen animals make love Frank?"

    "Wish me lock?"

    "I couldn't compete!"

    "Frank, take the last donut."

    "Don't look so hurt, Alan. I fucked you, I fucked Andrew, I fucked Frank. That's what I do; I fuck. And it made me 8 million dollars!"

    "It gets easier, doesn't it Frank?"

    "Why watch strangers when you can watch frIends."

    It's her only studio film to have so many quotes. Ones that get used repeatedly here! It's so bad it's good, in a way lol

  2. Why would you take a pregnancy test under a bridge when you can do it in the privacy of your own bathroom?

    And, you have to do it with morning pee.

    Maybe she took the test that morning and kept the stick with her all day. Also, she wouldn't want her dad to find the stick in the trash bin.

    Or maybe she has a yeast infection and doesn't want her dad to know that as well.


  3. In the Papa Don't Preach music video.....

    So Madonna pops a squat in an old shipping yard to take a pregnancy test?


    Is that what I'm seeing, a pregnancy test in her hand?



    For as long as I can remember, and with all the thousands and thousands of repeated views during my youth, I don't think I ever noticed this before!

  4. That's because Living is co-produced by Ariel Rechtshaid. And there is def a bass line! AND, there is Diplo elements; the opening. It's a repeat of what he did for End of Time and Elastic Heart.

    That song is a modern take on house music, which use to be synonymous with Madonna's name. I'm shocked to read any kind of hate for that song in particular, when it was generally loved by pretty much all fans.

  5. Thank you for posting what they wrote!!!

    (I hate entering threads and having to click on a link to read something)

    I love the praise and appreciation this song has recieved with the media and critics. I would never have expected it. She outdid herself with this album. Clearly one of her all time greatest albums. I would have assumed Ghost or even

    Living would make a list like this! Rock on Bitch!!!!

  6. I don't think it's fair for LFL or RH to be grouped with those songs. Living and Rebel are fantastic, and what's stands out the most with those two compared to the others, is the melodies. They are catchy as fuck. They have compelling and straight to the point lyrics, with a terrific hook.

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