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  1. They could have added some unreleased tracks like Two Steps Behind or Heaven, etc.. Any DJ could have easily mixed them and given them an extra edge. They just seem to miss opportunities as hardcore fans would buy a new CD or MP3 if there's a couple of unreleased songs!

    I didn't want to share this as I know a lot of you don't like Guy Oseary but I actually spoke to Guy while waiting for Madonna during concert and I said please make Madonna release those demos ( I'm referring to TSB and Heaven by the way) as they re brilliant and he said that material was unfinished and Madonna didn't envision them in new album but you never know... So I said but everybody I know absolutely love those two songs. And with a good arrangement ( expecially for TSB) they could be some of her best! So I said give them to Lunice and something good might come out of it and he was you just won't give up lol but yes I think I did have a point. Madonna doesn't need to be sitting there envisioning every song she puts out there. She already recorded them after all... just give them to some kick ass DJ and make another album and I'm sure as hell I ll buy it. They just won't listen to us! And I think it's all down to money... They don't see how they can possibly make money out of it. Same goes for the charts and airplay.. If they can't make money they are not going to risk it so that a song gets an higher debut or a very high chart position! And by the way I love Guy but in my humble opinion he's all about making money.

    If Madonna's dropped a song, it's for a reason. It's why songs like Revenge and Like a Flower didn't make ROL. Madonna would even reffered to them in her 2005 Attitude Magazine interview as "cheesy demos." There's only been a few exceptions where she's taken old songs and put them on a later album. But they were heavily reconstructed (i.e. Is This Love-Voices). God forbid Madonna were to do this, she'd be ripped apart by her fans. As these demos seem to be so prized and precious to many fans, they would never accept a new version.

  2. Exactly but it hasn't been tried out commercially (on the charts) or from popular artists. Ray Of Light was exactly the same thing. It was nothing new for ravers as electronica had been around for many, many, many years but Madonna helped the genre being recognised and being commercially appealing. Same thing with Vogue. Everybody thought it was ground breaking but it had been around in the underground world for a long time.

    Yes, PC music is nothing new per se but how many popular artists put it out there in recent years? I can only think of Madonna with BIM. And talking about underground sounds making it in the history of popular music there's really not much going on now as it appears that nothing is new or incredibly edgy today. So for Madonna to come out with a tune like BIM was extremely brave and ground breaking. Vogue, Justify My Love, Ray Of Light ( album), Music ( album) did just that. So I was relieved to see she's still got an ear on what's happening in the underground dance world. The fact kids downloaded, streamed and watched BIM the most out of all the other RH songs should say something in my humble opinion!

    MIA did it in 2007

    Robyn did it in 2010

    Beyonce did it in 2011

    Chris Brown did it in 2011

  3. Blood Diamonds/DJ Dahi for me. I thought they sounded like an updated and more diverse Mirwais. Very dyanmic and full of tricks, so to speak. Kept me interested.
    Just FYI - they are also the main producers of Body Shop, not Toby G.
    “Body Shop” (Ciccone/Gad/McDonald/Griffin/Natche/Tucker)

    Webo Girl Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)/Atlas Music Publishing o/b/o itself and Gadfly Songs (ASCAP)/EMI April Music, Inc. and Mo Zella Mo Music (ASCAP)/WB Music Corp., Roc Nation Music and Vohndee’s Soul Music Publishing c/o WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Sony/ATV Sonata and Dahi Productions (SESAC)/Michael Tucker Music (ASCAP) c/o Kobalt Songs Music Publishing, These Are Songs of Pulse (ASCAP) and OWSLA Trax (ASCAP) c/o Kobalt Songs Music Publishing

    Producers: Madonna, DJ Dahi, Michael Diamonds, Toby Gad

    Well didn't Toby do the demo? I only listed him as the main because all that was added to final mix honestly was a refinement in instruments, and an exta drum/bass track.

  4. watch the video I posted above. Garcia and Teenwolf talk about how Diplo asked them if they had any new music they could use. They sent over what they had, and Diplo sent them back the track but with M's vocals on top.

    like I said previously, I know a lot of songs have multiple producers involved. But I tried to limit the options to one person, and seeing that Garcia and Teenwolf had a larger part in the production, I decided to list them for just UB

  5. Kanye West easily.

    There were a lot more people involved than those though, see HeartBreakCity or Iconic. All of the tracks were Avicii was given credit were done by Carl Falk etc, anyone's guess how big Avicii's actual involvement was...

    Avicci was the main producer during that production session. But some of his tracks were re-worked by other people. I only wanted to have diversity present in the poll options, and not make people scratch their heads in confusion when looking at the poll. I could have Avicci listed for Devil Pray and Borrowed Time, but Blood Diamonds really re-worked it into their own. I think the biggest problems I had were for Body Shop and Iconic. Iconic started out as a Toby Gad production, but Blood Diamonds remixed Toby's final demo for the album. In my opinion, Toby is more present on the album version because you can hear his final demo through out it, but then again, Blood Diamonds additional production is pretty heavy. I only have it listed as Toby because Blood Diamonds were listed as additional producers. As for Body Shop, it's pretty obvious, when comparing the demo to the album version, that Toby and his team had more production credit than Blood Diamonds.

  6. I found this difficult because I'm a fan of Diplo more than Kanye West in general but when I look at it like this I have to vote Kanye. Least favourite producer would probably have been an easier one.

    I was thinking of doing an addition polll for the least favorite, but was afraid the thread would get ugly and turn negative.

    I think some of the low profile people like Toby Gad and Blood Diamonds really shined the most on the album, compared to some of the high profile people. But then I look at Kanye's work with Holy Water, SEX, and Illuminati and I'm just in awe over the production.

  7. Huge potential in it but it sounds unfinished and I'm not super keen on the melodies outside of the verse vocals. The instrumentation is too over the top for my personal taste. If it was refined I bet it would sound incredible though.

    I agree. There's lots of strong lyrics. But needs lots of wrong.

    It's how I felt about the first demo of Iconic. People were raving about it and I kept s thatching my head. It needed a lot of work!! Now it's become my favorite song on the album!!!

  8. Let's not forget that Avicii actually produced the version of RH that ended up on the album - he just personally preferred the one that sounded more like his own style (from memory, Madonna reverted to an earlier version of the track that they had produced, rather than Avicii's "final" version). It's not as though Madonna gave the track to someone else to produce, who then turned it into something completely different (a la "Frozen"). WAOM, on the other hand, was reworked by Kanye (as outlined above).

    It's actually the other way around! I use to say the same thing too, but people had the files mislabeled.

    Demo 1 03-2014 (3:29) (Acoustic)

    Demo 2 05-19-2014 (4:00) (Uptempo) [First Leaked Demo]

    Demo 3 07-2014 (3:27) (New Vox)

    Demo 4 (3:16) (End Cuts)

    Demo 5 (3:29)

    In bold is what leaked. Demo 5 is the one closest to the album version.

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