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  1. I remember someone (a reliable source) said, months ago, that we were going to get another release of the album, after the 3 versions... (If you look at the album section in her official website, you can notice that there's a empty place for another cover near the super deluxe and under the deluxe version) And I remember that he said we were going to get Queen, Joan Of Arc (Acoustic) and Iconic (part 2) in some form... But after a year I don't think this is going to happen... Maybe after the tour? Or maybe it was a joke...

    Those tracks were originally part of the super deluxe, but were later axed :/

  2. It's funny, cause when I first heard the demo during it's leak, the chorus reminded me so much of disco music. I think it's the melody. So it was kinda funny seeing that expressed in the final version.

    I like both mixes! I can't really pick a favorite. So i'm team sideline!

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