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  1. I supported Bernie from the start so I felt I needed to stay true and vote for him in the primary today.

    That being said, yes its impossible for him to win on any level. Him wanting to go after the super delegates just looks like a fools errand and sadly makes him look silly also. I mean the voters have spoken and Hillary has so far gotten 3 million more votes, so lets be real Bernie. Wrap it up. Join forces with Hillary and Obama, and defeat this clown in November!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6-7 months ago it really looked like he had a chance. It's a shame how everything turned out.

    I don't like either of our 2 potential presedential nominees (kinda scary to say that).

    But I guess good luck to the Hills it seems

  2. The McDonalds 'coffee woman' def. had more of a legit and WAY less bogus, laughable case than the greedy grating Starbucks ice idiot.

    Oh most definitely

    It's just a shame that there's always people out there that always come up with this crazy plans to sue dining franchises, when there's real cases out there that arnt always served justice.

    Reminds me of this one lady from about 10 yrs ago that claimed she found a human finger in her Wendy's chili. Here she actually put it in there, and was doing this scheme at multiple Wendy's. The finger was actually her husbands!!

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