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  1. I'm sick and tired of the "Hillary is not liked" argument. This is not fucking Facebook. From my perspective it has become a fashion trend to dislike her. It's hipster mentality. They just follow any trend. BUT asked about it they have no proper answer why. They are all sheep. Go out and ask the people directly what exactly they don't like about Hillary (real arguments, not some unproven stories) and they start to stutter and mumble because they have never thought about it in the first place. Or they sheepishly repeat the same toxic nonsense that is spewed by her opponents. It's all simply disgusting. Especially since no one in the U.S. dares to call people out and say "Stop this shit. Enough is enough".

    I have to correct myself, hating on Hillary has not become a fashion trend recently. It's en mode ever since she stepped into the political arena back in Arkansas.

    People have been pushing the "dislike button" on her even before there was a such button.

    I'm not exactly the biggest Hilary supporter myself, but it's silly to assume that people "hate" her without any reasoning, and do it any as a means to be "cool."

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