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  1. Amen brother! Exactly :headbang:

    Now Madonna will never be irrelevant - she's Madonna after all. And of course she's never been truly disconnected from her core audience. That being said, there had been some damage to her brand during the MDNA era for various reasons (I won't go into it again in detail, those of you with common sense know that I'm talking about).

    She has repaired so much of that damage during this absolutely wonderful era. Despite some of the hardships, overall she has restored her status as the last remaining megastar and the most intriguing woman of our time.

    * The leaks

    * The BRITs fall

    * The positive reviews for Rebel Heart album

    * "Bitch I'm Madonna" video

    * Her Instagram account

    * The positive reception for the Rebel Heart Tour

    In addition to many of the TV performances, interviews, magazine covers etc.

    It was just so nice during this era to see her face everywhere. My friends and coworkers knew she had an album out, they talked about the BRITs, the leaks, the tour etc. I can't tell you the number of times people said to me "Her new song is really nice!" referring either to "Ghosttown" or "Bitch I'm Madonna".

    It has just been nice to see The QUEEN right back where she belongs during this era.

    I think that's it.

  2. It's funny - we've talked about this on here before and I still am not happy about the sound quality, it's very muffled to me. Will have to give it a listen on iTunes. A couple of criticisms of that collection, nearly impossible to follow-up the TIC and no new songs, interesting edits yes, but that's about it. I never really play it at all. Celebration is far superior in sound quality to me.

  3. Agreed, agreed, agreed! She is amazing - and for me, it has ALWAYS been about the MUSIC!

    Today on a road trip, I listened to Celebration, both discs. As these songs that I've listened to hundreds of times in my life poured out of the speakers, I was overwhelmed by the fact that one artist has put out so many songs that are flawless. One by one, these classic gems assaulted me with their sheer pop brilliance. And this is just a SINGLES collection to say nothing of her album tracks.

    It's amazing how well the 80s songs have aged; timeless, plain and simple. It's amazing how the 90s work sits alongside it, equally perfect. It's amazing that the strength of her songs is such that even the two or three non-hits like Hollywood and Miles Away can take pride of place and are elevated to hit status.

    This is the greatest two disc collection in the history of pop music. And that's WITHOUT Angel, True Blue, Causing A Commotion, Keep It Together, Deeper and Deeper, Rain, I'll Remember, and The Power of Goodbye, as well as an actual number one in This Used To Be My Playground.

    Best body of work by any musician, ever.

  4. All I can say is if you don't show it on the outside, INSIDE you will be going crazy, in a good way - it is exciting, especially after all of these years. You're a fan as long as me, cool.

    Thanks! I'm so excited! I'm not an emotionally expressive person but I can't say I won't cry a bucket when I finally get to see and hear her in action. I mean, it's been 33 years!! LOL

  5. Awesome - congrats on going to the concert - you are going to LOVE IT!

    I love Madonna.

    A bona fide inspiration for the ages.

    No one was ever like her, no one will ever be like her

    She really came, saw, and conquered. And conquering still.

    I confess, I still do care about her charts and boxscores successes

    and I'm still hoping that she'll surprise us once again.

    Whatever, though, she more than gave me what I needed/wanted as a fan already.

    And I'm so proud to have been a fan since the beginning when i was still a child...

    and this February will mark a new beginning in my fandom: I will finally see her.

    After more than 33 long years!

  6. Hey Larkspur - I really should have been more clear in what I wrote. It was in response to a lot of what i have been reading about people complaining of chart success, blah, blah, blah. None of my fandom is in defiance but rather in celebration because none of it matters and the point I was trying to make is that I understand and don't complain about it because it is human nature, the nature of the business, etc. I am happy with what she does if it connects to me as well. I haven't listened to radio since the early 90's, once I could make my own compilations (I started djaying), I had no need for it. So I have always discovered my own music without any swaying or manipulation whatsoever. That's really all. Thanks.

    I appreciate what you are saying agclef but I read the title of the thread as "None of this matters because we have to face facts , she's not gonna be played on radio or have chart success anymore."

    That sounds like be happy because you can't win. The charts mattered to me in the 1980's as much as they do now. I listened to top 40 to hear new music period, not to cheer on my chosen pop star. Radio was more important because besides MTV I didn't have easy access to new music.

    On a personal level I love what I love. I don't l love it in defiance because I have to "face facts." Her music still has to connect with me or impress me on some level.

    My only problem with Billboard and radio is not whether or not her music connects with other people. My problem is how proud they are of announcing how Madonna is not relevant to younger listeners while making sure she doesn"t even get a chance to be relevant to a new listener. At least from their output.

    Older stars when I was a teen got a chance on radio and the charts If the music connected with the listener. Not to mention the worship they got from the older stations playing their discography A-Z on holiday weekends or playing full albums. That's how I became very familiar with the music of the 60's and 70's and even 50's.

    Have their been Madonna A-Z's on radio stations and I've missed them? I don't accept that people are not interested or interested in something until they are properly informed. Otherwise how they feel is not based on their own thoughts and feelings but what they are told to like and dislike.

    How dare radio and Billboard work hard to manipulate the listeners likes and dislikes. I'm not saying "oh well, I need to face facts." They are trying to manipulate the public. I have a problem with that. I like the public having all the information they can get and then making an informed decision.

    I agree with you and your celebration of Madonna and her work but I am very defiant of the "let's face facts." Madonna can evolve and leave behind these now limited forms of musical information and because they have proudly said they will not give Madonna's music a chance I would so love to see her pull ahead of them in regards to her new music being heard. One of beauties of Madonna's career has been the media's inability to manipulate the public in their acceptance and love of Madonna and her music.

    Loving Madonna has always been separate from her chart success. I just don't care for them trying to manipulate people and what they would most like is for people to "face facts." I'll face facts, radio and the charts have become even more ageist and sexist I am not letting it go.

  7. 23 years ago - let's see if I can recall accurately. Honestly at first I was underwhelmed because foolishly I was expecting more upbeat/dance music - but that's not where she was at. It grew on my quickly and I completely fell for the title track, FEVER, DEEPER AND DEEPER, WAITING, BAD GIRL and RAIN. Those were the standouts for me. I still play it today and it sounds even better with my more refined ears. Great album overall - quite the thematic work, Madonna again was ahead of the curve and under-appreciated for her musicality back then.

  8. Nice - that's the essence of my post.

    From the very beginning, I never cared about chart success. I never cared which celebrities liked her. Or shit like that.

    I wanted her music. I wanted to see her perform.

    She has written so many songs for me. When I say "for me", I mean, she's always been there for me.

    She still amazes me. Her music is my life story.

    No one has done that for me. I love her.

  9. Precisely.

    None of us care about commercial success because her career no longer depends on it. We're in the touring era for music artists to be seen as profitable. I don't care about people younger than me appreciating her because it's difficult to grasp the magnitude of Madonna if you were not there to witness her in her prime with the ecosystem in her favor. No internet. Everyone knew about her because of our limited media resources and she took up a lot of media real estate. I care about the music hence me being more critical of the output due to personal preference and not what will appeal to the public at large. Madonna will eventually receive the Kennedy Center Honor --- already inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame first year of eligibility. She has nothing to prove except to continue on. Because our appetite for all things Madonna has not slowed since first falling for her.

  10. Exactly.

    I thought this was common knowledge that Madonna's Top 40 radio days are over?

    It will happen to every artist at some point, unless Top 40 evolves into a more diverse format that appeals to people other than teen and tween girls.

    I cant even stomach Top 40 radio anymore at 32 years old. My dial is usually tuned to 106.7 Lite FM (which plays tons of Madonna and older songs I love) or to really age me, NPR. :lol:

    I didn't leave Top 40 radio. Top 40 radio left me. :laugh:

  11. Apparently you missed the point to my not-overly dramatic post. Let me be more clear: I was tired of reading articles all over the place and posts here that are always talking about and complaining about her chart performance and age.

    Oh stop. Why is this over dramatic post necessary?! She will always be the Queen of pop regardless the generation or how insecure you feel about your age.

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